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Sony Xperia E Dual Review


    Overview of the smartphone Sony Xperia E Dual

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    Smartphone Sony Xperia E Dual - is one of the most affordable devices manufacturer with support for two SIM-cards issued in 2013. Smartphone has a 3.5-inch display, 3 megapixel camera, a gigahertz processor and operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and then upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Buy novelty for 1600 hryvnia, which at first glance looks interesting. What about the competition, and that the user is able to offer Sony Xperia E Dual you learn from the review.

    Design and ergonomics

    The model is offered in two colors, black and gold. Last we got to the survey.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    Sony Xperia E Dual comes in two colors - black and gold

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    Whereasodnosimnaya version is available in three colors - black, white and pink

    Black, except silver insert body encircling the perimeter formed in one color. In the case of gold the situation is somewhat different. In the golden color painted the entire back and sides. Here, too, there is the silver paste on the perimeter of the housing. In its lower part, under the key "Home" is an indicator that changes color depending on your theme, or image on the screen. As a Sony Ericsson smartphones in 2011, the back part of the body is slightly concave.

    Sony Xperia E Dual ReviewSony Xperia E Dual Review

    A distinctive feature of the device is an aluminum 2013 Power / Lock key on the right side wall. Beneath it is a camera button, and over it - volume button.

    On the left side there was a place just under the Micro-USB-connector. Headphone jack is on the top end. The bottom end is empty.

    The front panel is covered with plastic, although its official website there are several other information. Despite the plastic, traces of fingerprints are not striking. In the center is located at the upper end of the net dynamics, the right of the display events following inscription Sony, 3,5-inch TFT-LCD with a resolution of 480x320 pixels, three touch buttons "Back", "Home", "Menu" and the opening of spoken microphone. "Glass" Cover your display is protected by a small rim around it.

    Sony Xperia E Dual ReviewSony Xperia E Dual Review

    The back of the case is made of matte plastic with a textured pattern in the form of rectangles. It does not show fingerprints and abrasions. The camera lens is framed with silver inserts centric circles. Between the chamber and the upper end is a second microphone, it is used for noise reduction. In the center is textured logo XPERIA. In the lower part of the body you can see the metal mesh multimedia speaker.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    To access the battery and slots for SIM and memory card, you need to move the bar up. By doing so, you will see the battery capacity of 1500 mAh, memory card slot (hot swappable) and two slots

    For SIM.

    Build quality is decent, though not without nuance done. For example, when light pressure in the headphone jack and the body starts to creak.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    The operating system and shell

    Before us is an operating system Android 4.0 with a proprietary interface Xperia UX with all its pluses and minuses.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    Lock screen comprises a slider with two icons on the edges. Pulling the one you can unlock the smartphone, pulling the second - to run the camera. The icons are used operators SIM-cards. Located at the top of a large clock with date and day of the week. Above them, in the left corner displays the alarm time. To get to the notifications panel can be locked out of the screen. It has five icons switches to activate the data (if installed two SIM - change the priority card), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, change the profile of the sound and the entrance to the "Settings" menu.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    Desk does not allow to change the number of installed windows. There are five. To see all placed on it widgets, shortcuts and folders on one screen, using gesture "pinch."

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    List of widgets is quite impressive, there are the usual - weather, email, and unique player - tools Timescape friends and the like, besides the animation does not scroll through them like no other


    Create folders by dragging icons on top of each other. There are themes that change with the change of color of the indicator events and lock screen background picture, Desktop and Browser applications. The latter is a 4x3 matrix with the labels. Labels can be sorted by alphabet, frequency of use, or load your own.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    To the settings menu contains the usual items. Exception - "The two SIM-cards" - menu with the settings SIM-cards. In it, you can choose a card that is used by default for calls and data. Looks unusual item "Automatic", in which there are calls and messages and data. Uniqueness lies in the fact that both of these options can be set at a specific time. For example, on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 calls the "labor» SIM, while on weekends and from 18:00 to 9:00 at "home". The same holds for data transfer. A very useful innovation.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    The smoothness of the interface is typical for a single-core processor and Android - leaves much to be desired, especially when the memory device will hang a few applications.

    Hardware Platform

    The model runs on a single-chip system-on-chip Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 - MSM7227A including the Cortex-A5 processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, Adreno 200 graphics core. RAM and nonvolatile memory is 512 MB and 4 GB respectively. 4 GB of user available just less than 2 GB. This SoC is installed on the vast majority of Chinese are not smartphones with support for two SIM-cards. Two or three years ago it was considered a sign of middle-class devices. Ask for from a smartphone equipped with a Qualcomm MSM7227A chip for something other than a good autonomy would be wrong, but for the amount of 1,600 hryvnia can find devices with more powerful CPU and graphics core, for example, based on MTK6577.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    We did not even try to run on a smartphone video in Full HD, it's just pointless. Rollers with a resolution of up to 1280x720 pixels and including also did not yield an integrated player, and only a few third-party installation improved the situation. The user can expect a more or less smooth playback of video at a resolution lower than HD. For example, a video file in the AVI container with a resolution 1280h536 points, bit rate 2.8 Mbit / s, reproduced MX Video Player is quite bearable. The sound volume when watching a video medium, for comfortable viewing in noisy environments we recommend to use vacuum headphones.

    The sound volume when listening to music too is average, although higher than when viewing videos. The sound can be described as good.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    Estimate the time of the Sony Xperia E Dual proved a daunting task. When installed two SIM, smartphone could work up to four days, and could be discharged on the night of 30-40%. It's time for the performance of work in the player mode or navigator. In the first case, 4 hours of music (one SIM-card, without Wi-Fi, data, GPS, screen brightness 50%), the smartphone is discharged by 6%, which is equivalent to 66 hours and 40 minutes work. In this case, start navigation in 8 minutes discharged battery to 14%. Annex Antutu Tester Sony Xperia E Dual scored 1233 points. Rate is more than great. It is possible that the transition to the new version of the operating system, problems with the obscure "zhorom" battery will be eliminated. If so, Sony Xperia E Dual could be one of the most dolgorabotayuschih devices of this type.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    Working with two SIM-cards

    The smartphone has a single radio. This means that to receive calls for two SIM-based, but not both. The situation is similar with other Android-based smartphone. When surfing the web via Wi-Fi cards are available for both calls and messages. When you access the Internet from any of the SIM, the other remains online. If one SIM is enabled for a call, Internet access, phone calls and messages will not work the second time.

    Display and Camera

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    Smartphone is equipped with a 3.5-inch TFT-LCD with a resolution of 480x320 pixels (165 PPI). The display has good horizontal viewing angles, but folds to vertical. If you move the screen away from you, lose their color saturation, when you lean over - inverted. Brightness values are in the range from 40 to 270 cd / m 2. The minimum can not call it comfortable for reading in the dark, and the maximum is not always able to overcome the bright sun. Given the lack of anti-reflective coating and the air gap between the display and the glass, the behavior of the sun is not the best. Color and contrast are too inferior to IPS counterparts. The light sensor is missing. In general, given the price range, the display is a stretch worthy of four and a minus. Despite this, the majority of potential users are unlikely to find it a bad and only those who have something to compare, will be able to see his weaknesses.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    Built trehmegapikselnaya camera does not have autofocus, and no flash. Viewfinder interface is typical of shell Xperia UX. One can not but thank the producer for the fact that he does not forget about the hardware camera button. Quality 3 megapixel photos and video 0.3 megapixel secondary and much worse in low light or backlit.

    Post your photos and videos to the following examples.

    Sony Xperia E Dual Review

    The results

    Smartphone Sony Xperia E Dual acquired all of the features to be considered as an improved version of Sony Xperiatipo Dual. This larger screen, the updated hardware platform, a more capacious battery, while it is quite expected was more expensive. The only area where the smartphone has shown good results - this time, and that with some reservation. If it is possible to understand what makes such contradictory results and to achieve stability, the smartphone can be recommended to those who do not expect from a mobile phone the impossible, preferring a good autonomy, availability of design and support for two SIM-cards.

    If we talk about the competitors, the recent recall of smartphones we tested LG Optimus L3 II Dual. It also has a stylish design, good endurance, 3 megapixel camera, comparable to the hardware platform and the camera, but smaller screen resolution. The truth and the price is much lower. If we consider the more expensive devices, the closest would be the price Fly IQ442 Miracle. It is bigger and better screen, dual-core processor and a 5 MP camera with HD-video recording, but the design is not one of those, the type of which there is a desire to purchase the device. Liked

    + Support for two SIM-cards + Menu "Auto" in the SIM-cards + Autonomy

    + Having a hardware camera key + The LED missed events

    Do not like it

    - No autofocus camera

    - Lack of Flash

    - No light sensor

    - Access to an outdated version of Android

    - Indicators display brightness

    Sony Xperia E dual (Black)






    GSM 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS 1900/2100


    GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA (up to 7.2 Mb / s), HSUPA (up to 5.76 Mb / s)

    Dimensions (mm)

    113,5 x61, 8x11

    Weight (g)


    Theprocessor (forsmartphones)

    Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon (Cortex-A5), 1 GHz + GPU Adreno 200


    512 MB RAM + 4 GB of internal memory (user available up to 2 GB)


    MicroSD (upto 32GB)


    TFT, 3,5 ", 320x480 pixels, 262K color touch screen, capacitive, support for





    Li-Ion, 1530 mAh

    Openinghours (manufacturer'sdata)

    Conversation - to 6ch12m/6ch18m (2G/3G), wait - up to 530ch (2G/3G)


    USB 2.0 (micro-USB), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (A2DP), WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot

    Support 2 or more SIM-cards



    3.2 MP, digitalzoom


    640x480 pixels




    Yes (87.5-108 MHz, support RDS)


    Media player, receiver a-GPS, synchronization with the services Google, akkselerometr, integration with social networks, work with office documents, light and proximity sensors


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