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    The telephone survey Sigma mobile X-treme IP67 Dual SIM

    Sigma  review

    The device, which will be discussed in this review are not running an operating system Android, has a huge display and boasts a unique camera, its purpose - to help stay connected at all times. To do

    This, Sigma Mobile X-treme IP67 Dual SIM did not just dust-water resistant, but also shock resistant. He can not be afraid to get into trouble, in addition, it is equipped with a battery as big as a capacity for non-smartphone, 1700 mA * h To understand whether there is life for ordinary phones and interestingly than the listed characteristics to offer Sigma IP67, we spent with him for a few weeks.

    Packaging and delivery

    The phone comes in a box of black color on the front where you can see the name of the device and the way it looks. On the left side of the printed specifications Sigma IP67, on the lower sidewall - an explanation of each of the degrees of protection: dust, shock and moisture. NotethatallavailableinformationiswritteninUkrainian.

    Sigma  review

    Inside the box we found the phone, battery, wired headset with a key answer calls, the network adapter to 0.5 A, USB-cable and clip to unscrew the mounting screws located on the rear panel. In addition, there is a complete instruction manual and warranty card.

    Design and ergonomics

    The model comes in four different colors - black, black and gray, black and orange (like us) and khaki. In our view, a device of this type should be as clearly as possible, so that if anything, it was easier to find.

    Sidewall material - rubber with a tread pattern in the form of Christmas trees. At the ends of the same material is used, but with a different pattern in the form of transverse notches. The removable

    Rear panel is made in the same style and color as the sides and ends of the housing. At its center is a great logo emblazoned Sigma mobile, and at the top on the edges - two hats screws. To remove the need to use the complete clip. Beneath it is the battery capacity of 1700 mAh, which is on the box, Ukrainian language applied introductory information. The battery has three slots for two SIM-cards and one card reader. In addition to the body of the phone has the volume keys, flashlight, camera, headphone jack and a data cable (covered with a plug). Fasteningstrapisnotprovided.

    Sigma  review

    The front panel is a 2-inch display with a resolution of 176x220 pixels, the round navigation button with the inscribed in its center button to confirm, and six function keys on either side of her, turn on the flashlight, the entrance to the menu with the reports, the key receiving calls back button back , the Start button and the camera button lights out. Below them are 12 keys including the * and #. Hold your phone to the latest vibrate and hold the * key locks the keypad. All the buttons are spaced apart just enough so they can be used blindly. Operation of the navigation button is accompanied by a distinctive click. You can even turn on the flashlight when the keypad is locked.

    Sigma  review

    The phone weighs not too much, 140 grams, but its thickness is knocked out of the ordinary. Twenty millimeters felt very good. On the other hand, it gives the feeling of having something of value in his hand. Build quality is excellent. After a few falls, rolls in the snow and other tests, the case remains the same as that of the box.

    Sigma  review

    Phone features

    People who are used to broad capabilities of smart phones, it is not worth considering as an alternative Sigma IP67. The phone is quite modest. On the one hand, there are inherent attributes as the phonebook, messages, calendar, calculator, MP3 player and video player, voice recorder, FM-receiver, a photo and video camera, but on the other hand, expect them something more than

    Sigma  review

    For example, each cell phone book can store one number on the caller, and the transfer of contacts from another device via Bluetooth does not lead to the desired result, the phone does not like the format of the data. As a result, the contacts have to manually make or use as carrier SIM-card.

    Sigma  review

    The main menu of the phone is made in the form of a 3x3 matrix with animated icons. First place is "Call Log". It is followed by "Contacts", "File Manager", "organizer", "Messages", "Music", "browser", "camera" and "Settings". The phone supports Java-based applications, in view of its modest capabilities, can be considered as a plus.


    During the test, the ten days of active use, so we never once had to charge the phone battery. During this period, there were more than an hour of calls made and received about the same inbox. The total number of text messages or 35 pieces. Several times included camera and music player. Result unattainable for a smartphone.

    When connected to a PC, your phone has a memory card, the device is recognized as a removable drive. So to copy files to and from your phone is easy.

    A camera with a resolution of 1.3 MP means you can record video with a resolution of 320x240 pixels. The quality of photos and videos is low, in this respect, Sigma mobile X-treme IP67 wins any smartphone.


    Sigma  review

    Speaker volume, conversational and multimedia, high. It is unlikely that you will ever have to use the highest possible volume of the ringing tone. The same applies to the earpiece. Voice quality is good, the interlocutor is clearly audible, even in places where other devices are beginning to lose touch. In idle mode operate both SIM-card, but as a radio, can only receive calls on queue. Convenient to use the keyboard, move the buttons small and soft, with a distinct click when activated.

    The results

    Telephone Sigma mobile X-treme IP67 fully justifies the expectations placed on it. He is not afraid of any weather conditions and extreme situations. He catches a network where other devices are beginning to pass. It easily withstands week of active use, or two weeks in standby mode. In it the loud speakers. Of course, users accustomed to smartphones, the functionality of your phone may seem low, but hardly anyone would use Sigma mobile X-treme IP67, as the basic unit. Most likely it will be to get out of the box when to bring an expensive smartphone is dangerous, and read e-mail and news from social networks simply do not need and desire. Liked

    + Dust and waterproof according to IP67 standard

    + Impact resistant properties of the body

    + Loud speakers

    + Quality of network reception

    + Autonomy

    + Availability of colors to suit all tastes

    + Availability

    + Support for two SIM-cards + Have a flashlight Do not like it

    - Reducing the possibility of the phone book

    - Quality of the camera

    Telephone Sigma mobile X-treme IP67 Dual SIM provided for testing by DF Plus,Www. difoplus. com

    Sigma mobile X-treme IP67 Dual Sim (Black Orange)






    GSM 850/900/1800/1900



    Dimensions (mm)


    Weight (g)



    MicroSD (upto 16GB)


    TFT, 2 ", 176x220 pixels




    Li-Ion, 1700 mAh

    Openinghours (manufacturer'sdata)

    Conversation - up to 12 hours, standby time - up to 552ch


    USB 2.0 (micro-USB), Bluetooth 2.0

    Support 2 or more SIM-cards



    1.3 megapixel, fixed focus, digital zoom










    SMS, MMS


    Calendar, alarm clock, clock, notes, reminders


    Voicedialing, voicemail,




    WAP 2.0


    Calculator, world clock, unit converter, stop watch




    Polyphonic, support MP3

    MP3 player





    Protection against water and dust (IP67), media player


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