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Review Transcend ESD 200


    Review of portable SSD-drive Transcend ESD200

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    Compact Portable SSD, Connected via USB 3.0. Is this not dream of those who want to get highspeed external hard drive for easy backup and store their data? The very idea of such devices is not new. With the widespread proliferation of USB 3.0, manufacturers are offering bolder external SSDs. Transcend Has released the second generation of portable SSD - ESD200 Ruler has replaced SSD18S3. Disks are increased, and they have become even slimmer and lighter.

    The drive is very compact device has dimensions of 92 x 62 x 10,5 mm and weighs only 56 grams. That is, it at least three times lighter than conventional external HDD form factor 2.5 ".

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    Transcend ESD200 front panel is glossy, while it has a cover with a strong diamond pattern. When the device is plugged one of the cells is activated, reflecting the current state of the drive. In this case, a two-color LED-indicator. If used for data transmission USB 2.0, LED lights green if the drive is connected via a high-speed USB 3.0 - LED turns blue.

    USB 3.0 USB 2.0

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    The lower panel is made of practical matt black.

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    Side and the lower bound is free of any elements, but at the upper end is a connector mini-USB 3.0, as well as a button to activate the function One Touch Auto-Backup, which allows one-touch quick to back up your data.

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    Like the 2.5-inch portable HDD, the device connects to a PC via an interface cable, without the need for additional power.

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    In this case, included in the supply cable length of 45 cm should be noted that it is quite large and individually weighs 30 grams (more than 50% of the weight of the drive).

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    The device also comes with a small carrying case for protection against mechanical damage to the hull SSD during transport. For this task he copes, but the suede material of the case is made, quickly covered with dust, requiring separate treatment.

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    The drive may well be used in the "shrouded" state, but in this case is not visible LED status.


    The relatively high linear transfers, as well as the minimum access time - obvious advantages of solid-state drives, which will show some use USB 3.0. According to the manufacturer performance results for a 256-GB model (TS256GESD200K) is quite impressive. Reading speed - up to 260 MB / c, records - up to 225 MB / c.

    The results obtained in the course of the practical test results are somewhat less optimistic, but also pretty good, especially when compared with the performance of portable HDD. According to the utility HD Tune Pro 5.0, a linear read speed of 256-GB model Transcend ESD200 is about 210 MB / c.

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    Write speed - 180 MB / c. In both cases, we note a good time access - 0.16-0.23 ms.

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    When the disk is connected by USB 2.0, data transfer rate limited by the interface. Reading is reduced to a level of 34 MB / c, record - to 30 MB / c.

    Utility CrystalDiskMark more optimistic in assessing the drive. The resulting linear transfers are a bit higher - 222 MB / c for read and 194 MB / c on record. The disc also has a good record for a 512-kilobyte blocks.

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    In a test drive of the package PCMark 7 disk gaining 4109 points.

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    However, when it comes to performance external hard drives are usually below the mean data rate. Copying a file of 8.3 GB on the system drive Transcend took only 51 seconds. That is, the process occurred at a rate of ~ 175 MB / c. Of course, we must note that in this case was held up with a fast SSD, but it's the only way to find out the real potential of Transcend ESD200. Obviously, if

    The PC hard disk installed, then it is he will stop - the copy will directly depend on the speed reading system HDD.

    After prolonged use, the body becomes slightly warm storage, cooling problems no no. To extend the functionality of the disc manufacturer suggests using the application Transcend Elite, which allows you to backup and restore data, use encryption for sensitive data, and even synchronize bookmarks of browsers, if these goals are you still do not use the online services.

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    The utility interface at first glance seems a little congested, but deal with it easily. To activate the One Touch Auto-Backup will need to configure once, defining the contents which folders will be backed up to an external drive after pressing the appropriate button on the device. Perhaps the idea of creating backups on SSD someone seems not quite consistent. In part, these fears are justified, because if you have problems with a solid state drive, restore data is not always possible. However, in view of a typical algorithm of the external drive it about premature wear of the MLC cells are not talking, while mechanical damage the device is protected by a priori better than HDD. However, the most important data can still reliably store multiple disk drives.

    The results

    Transcend ESD200 - SSD-speed portable drive that connects via USB 3.0 and is capable of providing data transfer rate of 200 MB / c.

    Review Transcend ESD 200

    Retail price on the 256 GB model is about $ 250, which is slightly more than the price of a typical SSD similar capacity and significantly more expensive portable HDD 1TB ($ 80). The rapid spread of SSD as a whole is still holding back quite a high price. And if you use an SSD as a system drive in a PC is no longer in question - the benefits are felt at the stage of loading the operating system, in the case of an expensive external drive, it is important to understand what you will be using, and whether you get on the disc, practical benefits. Liked

    + High-speed data transfer + Compact size and light weight + Function One Touch Auto-Backup Do not like it

    - Highest Price

    - Cover closes access to the indicator of activity

    A device for testing is provided by Transcend, www. transcendusa. com



    Intel Core i7-3770K @ 4,5 GHz

    Intel, www. intel. ua


    ThermalrightArchonRev. A

    "1-Income", www.1-incom. com. ua


    MSI Z77A-GD65

    MSI, ua. msi. com


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    Thermaltake Toughpower Grand TPG-1200M (1200 W)

    Thermaltake, www. thermaltakeusa. com

    Transcend ESD200 256GB (TS256GESD200K)


    SSD drive

    Capacity GB



    USB 3.0

    Type NAND flashmemory




    TRIM Support







    92x62x10, 5

    Weight, g


    The maximum reading speed MB / s


    The maximum recording speed, MB / s


    Mean time between failures (MTBF), million hours





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