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Review Senkatel Smart Book 6


    Overview tablet SenkatelSmartBook 6 (T6001)

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    List of staff in the segment of consumer electronics companies with Ukrainian roots fairly large brands such as PocketBook, Impression, AirOn, Enot easily remember any potential buyer or plate reader. In the current year to the number of local companies adjoins an ambitious newcomer Senkatel, founded by immigrants from the above PocketBook. The first-born of the new team was available 6-inch mini-tablet SenkatelSmartBook 6 "cost about $ 100, with a review of which we suggest you read.


    Ambitious rookie Senkatel Company named for a reason, because its representatives have already announce their plans for 2013, which are as of the 0.5 million devices in the global market. Most interesting is that half of this amount, ie about 250 000 units the company expects to sell in Ukraine, where the most successful domestic brands still sold dozens, not hundreds of thousands of tablets per year, and the total capacity of the segment's 2012 assessment GfK Ukraine amounted to about

    360 000 tablets.

    Note that Senkatel Corporation Limited was founded back in 2009 with the aim of developing and implementing high-tech products (smartphones, tablets, GPS-navigators, Smart TV system, etc.) in the markets of North America and the CIS countries. Now the company can confidently be called international, as despite the fact that most of the management staff is in Ukraine, offices Senkatel scattered around the globe: Central in Toronto, R & D in Kiev, a grocery in Shenzhen and finally the sales offices have already been opened in Hong Kong and Kansas City.

    The scheme with the production of tablets in China, and software development in Ukraine proved to be excellent in PocketBook, so it is not surprising that it is applicable in the new

    Company Senkatel. For obvious reasons, local programmers noticeably better understand what it is that wants to get a home user, a more active feedback and are really able to provide adequate support and regular release of new firmware.

    Cooperation with LitRes

    In a press release on the launch sales SenkatelSmartbook 6 "indicates That the tablet is developed by order of service LitRes Known, and she rosiyskogo company named no less than a" strategic partner Senkatel ". Moreover, the logo of the largest in the CIS service for the sale of e-books is put not only on the packaging tablet, but also on the rear panel. Thus virtually all points to the tight integration with LitResSenkatelSmartbook 6 ", but the way things really are?

    On the main screen interface taken out a pair of branded apps "LitRes: Read!" And "LitRes: Listen!" To work with text and audio books, respectively. Any other content or applications from the company LitRes on the tablet was found. During the registration process in the "LitRes: Read!" Service gives you the ability to download 10 free books (the author or choose not book yourself), but to call this fact evidence of a special relationship LitRes it to the owners of the tablet SenkatelSmartbook 6 "isImpossible, as a gift - it is a common practice when new users of the service. Appendix "LitRes: Listen!" And does refused to accept a login / password, but a minute before, "LitRes: Read!" Well satisfied with the information provided.

    As a result, at the moment there's not a loyalty program does not smell, although the company LitRes clearly knows how to work that way. For example, the happy owners of their own 6-inch e-ink readerLitRes: touch service provides unlimited access to any of the 50,000 catalog items within six months. The only mention of a "strategic partnership" is in the news about the card readers... TeXet (Http://www. litres. ru/pages/cms/?page=3895 ), and the existence of Senkatel at the time of writing this article the official website LitRes just do not know. It is understood that during the startup phase are various linings, so we hope to rectify the situation in the very near future.


    The tablet comes in a compact package that does not exceed the dimensions for medium-sized book is. Box decorated with pictures of SenkatelSmartbook 6 "and Contains a list of the basic characteristics of the four languages. Actually tablet placed in a retractable cardboard pallet, bundled accessories provided for a narrow office, where to put the cable only micro-USB/USB and OTG-adapter. Neither the charger nor the cover is not supplied, if necessary, they have to be purchased separately.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    By the way, the company is currently reviewing options Senkatel Production of branded covers. The main directions of only two - the economy version of the manufacture of covers available in China or better tailoring of leather cases in Ukraine.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6


    The dimensions and weight of this mini-tablet is much less common 7-inch models, in fact - at the expense of a more wide-screen proportions it more compact than a 6-inch e-ink readers. As a result, the manner of operation and ease of transporting 220 grams SenkatelSmartbook 6 "comparable To large-size smartphones rather than tablets. He really easily fits in a shirt pocket or jeans, not to mention the inside of a coat or a handbag departments.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    The front panel of the tablet is covered with a plastic sheet, the width of the screen bezel is minimal, especially along the long sides. There are no buttons or logos, from the contemplation of what is happening on the screen can distract a single lens 0.3 megapixel camera in the upper left-hand corner. Along the perimeter of the front of the rim passes of black glossy plastic, which is partly down to the hull sides. The rest of the faces made of smooth white plastic, and the plastic cover of the same color is different fine texture that allows more securely hold 6 SenkatelSmartbook "in The hands.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    The cover contains a logo of the developer Senkatel and its "strategic partner" LitRes and icon buttons and connectors. Here you can also find a slot with a metal mesh, beneath which is the only speaker. Theoretically, non-removable cover, but remove it rather easy - simply insert into the gap between the side and the back of a thin object and walk around the perimeter of the joint.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    The top and right side of the casing are free, in the bottom left-hand sides are located in microphone, volume control and power button. And finally handed down by the lower bound: jack micro-USB, a standard audio output and a slot for memory cards MicroSD.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6


    SenkatelSmartbook Tablet 6 "is Equipped with a 6-inch TN-matrix with a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels, which provides a pixel density of 155 PPI. Due to the relatively small display size, graininess felt less than 7-inch models with the same resolution.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    The viewing angles TN-matrix is surprisingly good: the case of deviations from the normal in the horizontal white background begins to "yellow", but change the contrast and color saturation are virtually absent. In the upright position, the situation is worse - when tilting the screen image is inverted from himself to himself - fades, so for comfortable perception of the tablet have to keep strictly perpendicular to the axis of sight. The brightness of the backlight is adjustable from 30 to 160 cd/m2, automatically adapts to the ambient light conditions are not. Capacitive sensor supports up to five simultaneous touches.

    Hardware Platform

    From a hardware point of view, the tablet is built on a platform of fiscal Allwinner A13 with a single

    Processing core Cortex-A8, running at an operating frequency of 1 GHz. Despite the higher the

    Index, the processor is a simplified version of the chip Allwinner A10 and differs from the latter

    Reduced the operating frequency, the lack of an HDMI-output module and Bluetooth. Responsible for

    Processing graphics integrated single-core solution Mali400 and hardware video decoder

    1080p. The RAM is 512 MB, built-in data storage capacity of 4 GB, of which 2.3 GB available to the


    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    Naturally, with a similar level of equipment is difficult to show the performance of off-scale. Estimates in synthetics expected low, braking felt even when working with the interface, not to mention the applications and games. In addition to the characteristic runs in some games had problems with drawing the textures, gamers should initially look for more powerful solutions. But with all the video playback is very good, almost all the test videos played without jerks player in the system, and the few problematic files safely be run in the MX Player. At maximum brightness and CPU load in the

    Test AnTuTu Tester tablet worked for two and a half hours from a full battery charge is 7.4 Wh. With less active use and half brightness SenkatelSmartbook 6 "could Hold about 5 hours of reading.


    Model SenkatelSmartbook 6 "running Android 4.0.4 with an alternative shell, support for Google Play

    App store and a solid set of pre-installed software. Recall that the developers of the software of the tablet are in Kiev, which allows the calculation of the regular output of software updates, imprisoned under the requirements of local users._

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    From the pre-installed software is necessary to mention two applications of the same name service "LitRes: Read!" And "LitRes: Listen!" That provide access to your account to purchase new and downloading already purchased books and audiobooks. The possibility of LitRes reader can be described as basic as that experienced users probably prefer the popular program for reading FBreader, which allows you to flexibly customize the display of text, adjust the brightness by using swipe through pages and convenient volume keys.

    Multiple applications (Maps, Weather, Metro Search) and convenient widget provided by company Yandex. The file manager will deal with the content without connecting to a PC, the package Kingsoft Office is useful to view and edit office documents, and built-in video player copes with most movies, up to MKV as 1080p.


    During the test operation SenkatelSmartbook 6 "in The first place like the minimum size and weight of the device. Design and build quality typical of extra-class plastic case is quite easy to push up on the matrix of artifacts. When working with heavy applications and games felt heat in the bottom of the rear panel.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    The button layout on and adjust the volume at first glance seems counterintuitive, because smartphones are usually placed at the top, not the bottom of the sidewall. However, in the unit 6-inch size to reach these areas unchanged grip is difficult, so that this topology justified. The buttons rattle in their sockets with active shaking, which may well irritate in a quiet environment.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    The only speaker SenkatelSmartbook 6 "was Frankly weak, small maximum volume and make a rattling sound at once to switch on the headphones. By the way, an audio tablet too deeply embedded in the body, resulting in you can connect and not all models of headphones. Audio path is surprisingly good, even in high-quality headphones are not sensitive noticeable background noise typical of some of the cheaper tablets.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    The front facing camera and a built-in microphone can make voice and video calls in Skype. Wi-Fi module is stable, the plastic case does not screen signal, so that problems with connecting to a wireless network there. Micro-USB port is used for data transfer, built-in battery and connect peripherals with OTG-adapter. By the way, the battery capacity 2000 mAh may well not be enough for a long trip if you are going to play, not only to read or watch a movie.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6

    The results

    As a result, SenkatelSmartBook 6 "- A miniature Android-tablet with a 6-inch TN-screen with a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels, a single-core platform AllWinner A13, MicroSD card support, and cost about $ 100. This model can be a good solution for handheld reading books and watching movies on the go, comparing favorably to the popular 7-inch tablet size, weight and affordable price.

    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6


    + Low price

    + Compact and lightweight 6-inch body

    + Support for memory cards MicroSD slot and micro-USB (OTG) + Hardware decoding of 1080p video

    + Firmware development in Kiev offers hope to regularly update Do not like it

    - Weak to date hardware platform

    - A small battery

    - Very quiet speaker, fiddly audio jack

    - Heating the rear panel

    The product is provided for testing by Senkatel, senkatel. com

    SenkatelSmartBook T6001



    Screensize, inches




    Type of covering the screen







    + (5 pointstouch)


    Allwinner A10 (Cortex-A8)


    1.2 GHz





    Pre-installed OS

    Android 4.0

    The amount of RAM, MB


    The amount of internal memory GB

    4 (a useris 1 GB)


    Mini-USB, 3,5 mmaudio














    802.11 b / g / n



    Module GSM/3G/4G (LTE)


    Voice communication in GSM/3G networks






    Batterycapacity, mA. ch




    Weight, g



    160 x 90 x 11

    Built-in microphone, pre-installed applications "LitRes: Read," "LitRes:


    Review  Senkatel Smart Book 6


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