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Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0


    Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: some errors

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    By creating a successful smart phones, Samsung has not yet managed to achieve great results in the tablet market. The reason for this can be called a variety of errors, as in the "hardware" and software models of the past. But if the company is learning from its mistakes? We have the opportunity to find out in the review of tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

    Design and Ergonomics

    "For Galaxy Note II drove rink?", "Someone stepped on your Galaxy SIII» - this is not a complete set of jokes that people can hear with Galaxy Note 8.0 in hand. And it really is, the tablet is very similar to the popular smart phones Samsung.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    One could blame the designers of the company of negligence or lack of new ideas, but if you were selling millions of devices with similar design, to what decision was made? Appearance Note 8.0 - it's just a reaction to consumer demand. And it just shows that the design does not always play an important role, between the beautiful and functional device buyers often choose the latter. Now Samsung have a policy of "more important than what is on the screen rather than around it," and while this approach is justified. In my case, Note 8.0 has caused more positive emotions than negative. I have for some time enjoyed the Galaxy SIII , and experience with this tablet is very similar to the one that was with the smartphone.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Control keys in Note 8.0 are almost the same place as that of the SIII. On the right side: the button lock / unlock the screen, below it the volume rocker.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    They protrude from the body, they can be found to the touch, but I would like them to have a clearer course.

    The left side plate is free from the government, but there are microSIM slot and memory cards microSD.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    At the top end are located 3.5 mm headphone jack.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    And at the bottom stereo speakers, a microUSB slot and a microphone.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    In portrait mode, the hand does not touch any controls, but if you turn the tablet horizontally, it is possible to block one of the two speakers, and get a finger on the touch button or menu, or a refund.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Below the display Note 8.0 are already familiar to users of smartphones Samsung keys: menu, home, and return.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    The frame around the display, which initially seems to be too large, in practice improves the usability of the tablet. It can be held in one hand without touching the screen that virtually eliminates false depression.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    The main body material Note 8.0, as well as the Samsung opened recently, it is plastic. Not the most practical choice of the manufacturer, the back part of the plate can be quickly covered with small scratches. But on the whole, despite the plastic body is well built and does not squeak when squeezed.

    With a weight of 345 grams and dimensions of 135.9 h210, 8h7, 9 mm Galaxy Note 8.0 is easy to carry in your bag or jacket pocket.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Overall, the ergonomics Note 8.0 is very similar to ergonomics in the latest smartphones Samsung, just on a larger scale. It's more good than bad, because the concept has already been tested and prove themselves good. Display

    In Note 8.0 installed 8-inch TFT-LCD with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels, which forms at a diagonal density of 189 pixels per inch.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0


    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0


    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Automatic brightness

    It's not the best screen on the market, and its resolution by today's standards is average. However, it copes well with its main task. The display wide viewing angles and good color reproduction. Resolution is consistent with the diagonal, so there is no grit on it, the pixels can only be viewed if desired.

    Fades in the sun, but still readable. Its brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically by a sensor.

    Platform and Performance

    The heart of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is a 4-core processor Exynos 4412 Quad 1.6 GHz, made on 32 nm process technology. Complementing its graphics Mali-400 MP and 2 GB of RAM. This is more than enough for any applications on Android. On the system I'll discuss shortly, but in general, any problems running programs in Note 8.0 is not. In the test plates AnTuTu scored 17143 points, which is comparable to the Galaxy Note II, with whom he shares the same platform.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Built-in memory in Note 8.0 may be 16 or 32 GB (in the test instance was 16 GB), and it can be

    Expanded by another 64 GB through cards microSD.


    In the Galaxy Note 8.0 has support networks GSM (EDGE) and 3G (HSPA +). The left side panel is designed for this slot microSIM. The main purpose of supporting mobile networks - is, of course, the internet, but, ironically, Note 8.0 may be used as a phone. Above the display for tablet even has a speaker slot.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Thus, if you do not feel embarrassed, then we can talk on the device without a wired or wireless headset. Thrifty Korean engineers have implemented this feature, and to use or not, is already the holder of the tablet.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    From other wireless modules in Note 8.0 is also available Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n 2,4 + 5 GHz band with support for Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, and MHL 1.2, and Bluetooth 4.0. No problems with wireless connections is not the tablet, which is not surprising, because the plastic body does not escape. Camera

    The main 5-megapixel autofocus camera with photo module appeared in Note 8.0 rather based on the fact that the tablet should be a camera, not with an eye to the desire of users to make high-quality pictures. Thus, it takes the average quality photos with a resolution of 2560x1920 pixels. With an increase can be seen that the camera pulls bad parts even in good light. Bytheway, theflashisnotinNote 8.0.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    The module itself is pretty decent camera protrudes from the body, raising concerns about the strength of the protective glass. If it is scratched, the quality of pictures from just will not grow. Additional camera in Note 8.0 1,3-megapixel, its quality also does not shine, but for video it is enough.


    Galaxy Note 8.0 runs on Android 4.1.2 with the interface TouchWiz. Unlike previous tablets of measuring up to 10 inches in Note 8.0 Samsung went on a smartphone interface.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    After an unsuccessful attempt to use a compact tablet OS from the 10-inch models, Google have adopted a different approach by introducing it into the Nexus 7, and it really pays off. Given the fact that most new smartphones come with a resolution of 1280x720 (800) points, and the flagship model at all with Full HD, the application on the screen 7-8-inch plate stretched, but are still easy to use.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Samsung is determined to return to the roots, as the first Galaxy Tab was released on Android 2.2, for which there was no "tablet" interface. In general, what is in Note 8.0 smartphone operating experience interaction does not suffer, but on the contrary. All system components and applications appear larger, get comfortable on them with your fingers. But more than that, honed on smartphones Samsung interface, the tablet also works fast. Subjectively, Note 8.0 the fastest Android-tablet I've ever seen.

    A set of programs and opportunities in Note 8.0 is comparable to what has been a Galaxy Note II. From the built-in applications, traditionally, it may be noted S Note notebook with the ability to create drawings, notes, audio recordings, and with the recognition of formulas.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Also worth mentioning about the company S Planner Scheduler to synchronize with the calendar Google. Of additional software in Note 8.0 appeared remote control Smart Remote, which uses a built-in infrared port.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Familiar from other devices Samsung multitasking using two windows in Note 8.0 has not changed.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    With his help, for example, you can browse the web and read in parallel Twitter. Stylus

    Any device with the name of Note, Samsung uses a stylus as an opportunity input.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Note 8.0 is no exception, it stylus hidden in the bottom right corner. In this case, if the pull, the tablet responds a short vibration, and it appears a special desk with notepads S Note and recommended applications that are not always suitable for the stylus. In the settings you can turn off the launch of this desktop.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Touchpad Note 8.0 defines the stylus is when you move and understands the extent of his depression at the screen, which certainly appeal to fans of paint. Recognition accuracy stylus is high enough, it lets you create handwritten notes. In several applications, guidance stylus can be used to preview the information. For example, in video you can see some video footage without stopping.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    To work with a stylus does not necessarily display Note 8.0 and without a well recognized touch, so

    He probably is an interesting addition.


    In the Galaxy Note 8.0 is installed on the non-removable battery 4600 mAh. As the practice of use, with an average load enough for nearly 23 hours before the battery level of 16%.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    Экоан Блоки..

    With a small load increases to 21% of the battery can be discharged is 16 hours.

    Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    These are good indicators of autonomy, but not a record. Thus, the battery Note 8.0 is enough for 2 days autonomous mode average load. If you constantly play games with more or less complex graphics, it will last for 5-6 hours.

    Note 8.0 charging connector via standard microUSB, and not proprietary, which Samsung previously used in all of their plates. And it is certainly a step in the right direction. Video review As a result,

    If we consider the entire line of tablets Samsung, Galaxy Note 8.0 is easily knocked out of it, as it is unusual for a company decision. Engineers try to move it out of the world best smartphones and although this approach is not appropriate in all in Note 8.0, mostly it works. The tablet is easy and convenient in everyday use, its capacity is sufficient for most purposes. Moreover, it can be seen that Samsung did learn from their mistakes. The company refused to proprietary connector for charging in favor of a universal microUSB, and optimized interface. Criticism in Note 8.0 only call camera and a plastic body over which would be worth more work. But when taken as a whole, then the Samsung almost the first time went really well-balanced plate that deserves sign "Editor's Choice". It is not entirely clear from the question of its price at the start of sales she declared at the level of 5999 USD, which is even more expensive than it is now asking for the Note 10.1 and a bit absurd. But closer to the start volume shipments, with high probability, the price should be adjusted.

    - The speed of the

    - Interface

    - Support for memory cards

    - Standard microUSB port

    - 3G module

    - Stylus

    Did not like:

    - Plastic housing

    - Flaws in ergonomics

    - Image Quality



    Screensize, inches


    Type of covering the screen









    Exynos 4412 (ARM Cortex-A9)





    Pre-installed OS

    Android 4.1.2

    The amount of RAM, MB


    The amount of internal memory GB



    Micro-USB, 3,5 mmaudio




    1.3 MP


    5 MP










    802.11 a / b / g / n


    Bluetooth 4.0

    Module GSM/3G/4G (LTE)

    EDGE (850/900/1800/1900) HSPA +21,1 Mbit / c, HSUPA 5,76 Mbit / c (850/900/1900/2100)

    Voice communication in GSM/3G networks






    Batterycapacity, mA. ch


    Weight, g



    211,3 x136, 3x7, 98


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