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Review Galaxy Xcover 2


    Overview of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    Dust-and water-proof devices are quite rare, especially if it is not a simple phone-dialer, and on the smartphone. Of officially reported in our country producers the widest portfolio of smartphones for all occasions has the Sony. The other vendors at best try to make something that could be of interest to buyers aiming to purchase this type of device. One such device is the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 - the successor of the first version of the protected smartphone Samsung. NEW across was better than its predecessor, but it also costs about 1,000 hryvnia more. As to whether the purchase of the smartphone and who can compete with him? On these two issues, we will give a reply to the survey.

    Design and ergonomics

    The smartphone is available in two colors - a nondescript gray and bright red and black. We got to review the first version, obviously has visited more than once in combat conditions - housing is cracked. The level of protection Samsung Galaxy Xcover complies with IP67.

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    There are other issues to the sample, in particular, to the stability of the software. During the tests several times we had to forcibly restart the smartphone, as it ceased to respond to any action, including a few times this happened when operating the camera.

    As for the look, then, as befits such a device, the design was developed with the expectation that the smartphone will use a variety of settings, including those for "ordinary" would have been fatal. So on the side of the housing projections are present in the form of diagonal notches, and textured back side has a mesh pattern, which is found on the front, around the protected glass and mechanical keys. It should be noted that a smartphone uses tempered glass unknown producer only knows that it is not Gorilla Glass.

    Weight Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 - 149 grams, dimensions 131h68h12 mm. Parameters are comparable with devices equipped with a screen diagonal of 4.7 inches.

    In his hand the smartphone is convenient, all the controls are in place - Power / Lock key on the right side wall, a headphone jack on the top, plug the charger on the bottom, the volume keys on the left side of the face. To the sockets are not exposed to water, they are covered with plastic caps with special seals.

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    Beyond the usual keys, Xcover 2 has a separate camera key (two positions), and eyelet. Another important advantage of the device is that the standard keys "Menu", "Home" and "Back" mechanical, invaluable thing when you are underwater or wearing gloves. Display the smartphone from sleep as you can using the appropriate button and by pressing the button "Home".

    In addition to the display on the front of a camera, proximity sensor, and a metal mesh covering the speaker. Spoken microphone is placed on the bottom. Other microphones, such as noise-canceling stereo sound recording or a smartphone is not.

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    The design of the rear side made quite unusual. The rim lock chamber and the rim have the same form and are arranged symmetrically to each other. On either side of the camera is a LED flash and the speaker mesh. Flash can work as a flashlight. Locking performed in the form of a tablet, which can provernuv open it or lock. Done quite easily and, most importantly without the help of third-party items, as is the case in most secure smartphones. Once you turned the lock in the "open" position, you need to hook a removable panel for recess in the cap Micro-USB-connector and pull it toward you. Like the plastic plugs inside of the lid has a special insulation designed to deal with moisture from entering the electronic components of the device. The memory card slot and SIM is under the battery. Hot swapping is not supported.

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    The operating system and shell

    The smartphone runs on Android 4.1.2 operating system with a proprietary interface TouchWiz. At the moment, the bulk of new products running on this OS.

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    TouchWiz interface is standard on all models, so we will not describe in detail its capabilities. Except for the lack of features for multiple windows and the lack of additional animations unlock the screen, it is no different from the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini .

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    Operation of the interface is not always possible to call a smooth, substantially all claims are reduced to twitch when scrolling in the browser, on the desktop, in Google Play.

    Hardware Platform

    Similarly, Samsung Galaxy S III mini, Xcover 2 runs on a single-chip system-on-chip ST Ericsson NovaThor U8420. It includes a dual-core processor with a maximum clock frequency of 1 GHz, the

    Graphics core Mali-MP400 and 1 GB of RAM. Built-in 4 GB flash drive can be expanded with memory cards. When connected to a computer from 4 GB 860 MB available to the user, so that no memory card will be difficult to do.

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    Performance tests show comparable Galaxy S III mini results, but while working in Antutu Tester is much less. If S III mini scored 810 points, the maximum that could be achieved from Xcover 2 - is 596 points. In principle, the result is quite good, it is surprising another difference. Presumably, the much greater power consumption TFT-matrix before the Super AMOLED. If we talk about other terms of time, the user can expect Xcover 2 for 9 of the 28 minutes in the browser, 23 hours and 16 minutes of reading, 7 hours and 25 minutes of viewing HD-video from Youtube at 50% brightness and 20 hours of music.

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    Examples of re-testing the time of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 are listening to music and reading. The differences in the results are due to permanent residency in the same place the device (smartphone does not expend energy on the registration of new base stations).

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    The sound quality and volume (through the speakers and headphones) averages. Interlocutor can hear well, there is a small supply of the volume. With the quality of communication and reception during the test no problem.

    Display and Camera

    Not typical of the manufacturer, Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 is not installed AMOLED-matrix and TFT. Diagonal screen 4-inch, 800x480 pixels, dots per inch 233 PPI. The display has wide viewing angles and good color reproduction (for the eyes). Brightness is adjustable from 14 cd / m 2 to 311 cd / m 2.The indicators are good, but for a device that will be used frequently in nature, at least, its purpose is to be companion of people with active lifestyles, the brightness is not enough. Outside, see the information on the display becomes problematic. As the light sensor in the device is not present, the brightness has to regulate manually.

    As for the data, they are far from good. Gamut demonstrates bias on three primary colors, the color temperature is too high, because of what the image looks "cool", well, and finally, the gamma curve Shows how properly displayed gray._

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    Two cameras in a smartphone - the basic, 5 MP with flash and autofocus, and a front with a resolution of 640x480 pixels for video. The maximum resolution of the recorded video - 1280x720 pixels at 30 frames / sec. The quality of the photos and videos in between. In the setting of the camera is preset effects, shooting modes and a choice of manual settings values ISO, exposure, and more.

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    Examples 5 MP photos

    Review Galaxy Xcover 2

    Example video recording 1280x720 pixels

    The results

    At the time of the recommended price of Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 of 3333 hryvnia, exactly the same as on the Samsung Galaxy S III mini. Today Smartphone with official warranty can be purchased on the Internet for 2760 hryvnia. Approximately the same amount to pay for the Galaxy S III mini. Technically, if we do not take into account the display devices are quite similar, in practice it turned out that even though more capacious battery, while the model significantly less secure small copy of last year's flagship. Win Xcover 2 only in a dust and moisture barrier properties of his body, for which you have to pay large dimensions and weight.

    If we talk about the competitors, the closest would be the Sony Xperia go. Smart phone with a smaller screen and a resolution, but also significantly smaller in size, with the remaining parameters at least as good Xcover 2, and the price below 400 hryvnia. If you look at the device more expensive, even here the choice is limited to smartphones Sony. The closest ones - Sony Xperia Acro S. He has more screen size, higher resolution, better camera, and a hardware platform emche battery and, interestingly, with all this, the smartphone Sony compact the Samsung. Liked

    + Dust and moisture barrier properties housing

    + The presence of red and black color options

    + Operating System Android 4.1.2

    + Shell TouchWiz

    + Having two cameras

    + Having a separate camera key

    + The presence of mechanical keys

    Do not like it

    - The maximum brightness of the display

    - Size and weight of the smartphone

    - No light sensor

    - Glossy body materials

    Samsung S7710 Galaxy Xcover II (Grey)



    Type of housing



    GSM 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS 900/2100

    High-speed data

    GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA (up to 14.4 Mbit / s), HSUPA (up to 5.76 Mb / s)

    Dimensions (mm)

    130,5 x67, 7x12

    Weight (g)


    The processor (for smartphones)

    Cortex-A9, 1 GHz (2 cores) + GPU Mali-400MP


    1 GB RAM + 4 GB of internal memory

    Expansion Slot

    MicroSD (up to 32GB)

    The main screen

    TFT, 4 ", 480x800 pixels, 16.7 million color touch screen, capacitive, multi -

    Touch support

    Keyboard Type

    Screen input

    Storage battery

    Li-Ion, 1700 mAh

    Opening hours (manufacturer's data)

    Conversation - 15/9ch (2G/3G), wait - 570/370ch (2G/3G)


    USB 2.0 (micro-USB, MHL), Bluetooth 4.0 (A2DP), WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, DLNA


    5 MP, auto focus, digital zoom, geotagging, front VGA-camera


    1280x720 pixels



    Operating system

    Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) + original interface TouchWiz


    Yes (support RDS)

    Additional Features

    Degree of protection IP67 (smartphone is fully protected against dust and moisture, can withstand immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes), media player, video telephony, the receiver a-GPS, support for Google Maps, accelerometer, Social Hub (association of social network

    Accounts )


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