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Jolla Sailfish


    Jolla unveiled the first smartphone based on Sailfish

    Jolla Sailfish

    The Finnish company Jolla (pronounced "Jolla"), which was founded by former employees of Nokia, today officially announced pre-orders for its first smartphone running Sailfish, collected from the remains of MeeGo.

    Jolla Sailfish

    Full characteristics of the device, unfortunately, were not disclosed. In Jolla just discovered that their smart phone is equipped with a 4.5-inch touch screen, 2-core processor, support for communication 4G, 16 GB of internal memory with support for expansion at the expense of cards microSD, an 8-megapixel camera with autofocus, and a removable battery.

    Jolla Sailfish

    In addition, the operating system Jolla Sailfish called the "gesture-based" and declare its support for the application for Android.

    Enter the market with its first smartphone Jolla plans modeled Kickstarter, at the moment they are

    Offering all indifferent to issue a preliminary order to understand the potential of the

    Market. Preliminary application for smartphone Jolla includes three options: a pre-order, pre-order

    For € 40 (customer gets priority in the delivery of a smartphone and a T-shirt Jolla); pre-order for €

    100 (includes priority delivery, an exclusive rear cover smartphone voucher for € 100 and T-shirt). The cost of the smartphone itself Jolla thus declared at € 399, but the company still can not say exactly when deliveries will start. Contents can be pre-ordered Jolla at the project site - join. jolla. com .

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