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Review Samsung CLX-3305FN


    Overview Color Laser MFP Samsung CLX-3305FN

    Review Samsung CLX-3305FN

    Several years ago, the mass flow in the sale of monochrome laser multifunction devices made possible by the reduction in price of this class of equipment. It has become so inexpensive that of office supplies has become almost a household appliance. And the example discussed in this article Samsung CLX-3305FN can be seen that there is today and color MFPs are quite affordable, even for personal use.

    Perhaps the most significant difference between Samsung CLX-3305FN from conventional monochrome laser MFP is the ability to print and copy color documents precisely. After all, cheap Multifunction color - this is exactly the niche that now occupy the inkjet device, virtually dominating it. Their main advantage is the relatively low price of the device, and printing costs aggressively competes with this parameter in laser models. But it seems that the new generation of low-cost color laser MFPs, tends to displace jet devices, offering an entry-level device at discounted retail prices.


    Review Samsung CLX-3305FN

    The model of Samsung, which is reviewed here, has expanded equipment in the form of embedded blocks fax and network interface, but is based on a common platform line Samsung CLX-3305. It is noteworthy that its high-speed performance is quite modest, especially given the advances of modern jet and the more single-pass laser devices. After all, it is based on a multi-pass color printing mechanism, whose popularity was high except perhaps during the development of color laser printing market. It uses a single photosensitive drum to which the toners are applied sequentially core (CMYK) pigments, which are then successively transferred onto the paper. It is because even claimed performance color output is low, and is only 4 seconds. / Min., Versus 18 seconds. / Min. in monochrome.

    Review Samsung CLX-3305FN

    In the arrangement of the remaining components of MFP there are no new products: a vertical superstructure block digitization, with built-in fax and ADF, over printing, placement of the control panel on the lifting platform - based scanner feed paper from the bottom of the cassette and output the printed sheets in the tray of the printer module, but the implementation Some of them have nuances.

    Thus, the feed cassette, with nested into it with sheets of A4, protrudes the front panel of the unit. This solution makes it easier to paper refills (no need to push the whole tray - enough to lift the translucent cover), but increases the area occupied by the IFIs on the desktop. Full indicator in the cassette is missing, but it can be simply estimated from the visible remains.

    Review Samsung CLX-3305FN

    The narrow output tray is clearly designed for small volume printing, the relevant personal use, but to get sheets of it is convenient, and retractable guide with will not allow them to fall on the table. MFP front panel covers the toner cartridge. It is worth noting convenient access, easy installation and removal of waste-filled containers. In this case, it's worth to comply with the minimum accuracy, because being on the far end of the toner cartridge, the transfer roller, in contact can be very dirty clothes.

    Review Samsung CLX-3305FN

    Capacity toner container is low: they guarantee only 1.5 million monochrome prints and one thousand color. However, these values are typical for an entry-level laser technology. The scanning unit digitizes originals from the flatbed glass or the automatic document feeder with a resolution of 600x600 ppi and a color depth of 24 bits. The presence of the ADF greatly increases the processing performance of multi-embroidered documents, the originals in it placed face up. Perhaps the issues of ergonomics include non-obvious behavior backlight button "Power / Awakening."It does not light up when the device is switched off or active, but lights up in blue when entering MFP into standby mode. To turn off the power supply required long-pressing it. The logic of this algorithm is quite understandable, but it would be more usual to see the glowing power button in the active device, and flashing / redemption of a sleeping / OFF. Preparing for use from sleep mode (warm-up) takes about 20 seconds.

    Review Samsung CLX-3305FN


    The process of installing the device drivers pleased with the fact that the proposed self-check for updated versions of the software and install it them. It is worth noting that emulates Adobe PostScript 3 language is not included in the standard set of software, its installation must be specified manually.

    In the properties of the driver that is installed by default, is given a choice of SPL-C (GDI from Samsung) and emulate PCL6, tests were carried out with the first of them. Habitual filling device built-in menu items CLX-3305FN is sometimes diluted quite original. Thus, in the settings available to the choice of installation of the device height above sea level. It can be assumed that this parameter affects the modes of fusing, but in the course of his experiments to test the study was conducted.


    Testing speed performance MFP conducted through the local interface USB 2.0. Ethernet network is not used, because at such low declared capacities, stops will be performing screening electronics and printing mechanism, but not the data channel.

    Measurement speed monochrome printing was carried out with the settings: Document Type "Standard". O pace with both drivers matched with 18 passport. / Min., But it is worth noting that the use of PostScript emulation more than doubles the time to the first sheet.

    For a full-color printing applied settings: Document Type "Business Graphics". Again, SPL-C-driver was twice as fast as PostScript emulation when outputting the first sheet, but the streaming performance in both cases, consistent with the certified value of 4. / Min.

    Review Samsung CLX-3305FN

    Studies were carried out with the print quality using an integrated sample including vector and bitmap graphics, as well as small text. For each of the driver settings were used: Document CAD and Document Type "photo".

    The first results were obtained for SPL-C, the output of each print to printer expended 33-34. The accurate transmission of vector graphics with both settings was acceptable, solid fill areas for monochrome and color worlds - average. Black and white fine text was worked out perfectly, and the color - readable to a size of 3 points. But printing photos is characterized as unacceptable due to the complete disorder of color balance and saturation levels. In addition, the setting for CAD gradient banners stronger visible rough transitions with color anomalies.

    Review Samsung CLX-3305FNReview Samsung CLX-3305FN

    Test print quality using PostScript Emulation gave much longer perform the same task more than 3,5 m. But accuracy and image transmission has increased dramatically, now that picture has looked photographs rather than a dark spot, as in SPL driver. On the Document Type settings CAD, transfer hues was much rougher, sharper transitions between them, an area with a low level of intensity - washed out and the colored world to show more moire effect. Therefore, to display graphic documents with the highest quality, MFP Samsung CLX-3305FN is to apply the setting Document Type "Photography" in the driver emulates PostScript. Although he needs to process the page several times longer, but the quality of the print is worth it.

    Review Samsung CLX-3305FNReview Samsung CLX-3305FN

    Attracted the attention of intense shine prints obtained on CLX-3305FN. Obviously, it is applied to the toner-based polymer, which gives the characteristic gloss, as well as provides high uniformity of grain size and stability of the dye applied to the environmental factors.

    Copying a single-sheet monochrome and color originals made with the tablet, and multi - using the ADF. The test results appear as expected: the performance of duplication close to the certified value, the processing of the document with the slide a little less than a pinch of the scanner.

    Review Samsung CLX-3305FN

    Module digitizing pleased thoughtful interface TWAIN driver. It takes into account many nuances, much easier to work. For example, if you select the scan source document feeder, the preview button is not active, which eliminates accidental "preview" multi-page document in the ADF. Speed characteristics of the scanner allows it to produce a preview of an A4 sheet of 13, his digitization in shades of gray with a resolution of 300 ppi (standard OCR) for 7 seconds, and in color and 600 ppi - for 22 seconds. ADF allows you to digitize documents with the rate to 14.2 sec. / Min. grayscale at 300 ppi, and up to 4.2 sec. / min. in color and 600 ppi.


    Multifunction Samsung CLX-3305FN quite accurately corresponds to the class in which it is positioned. This, in fact, the personal unit, although having a network connection, designed for low intensity use. It has good performance characteristics in monochrome, full color output but is only suitable for occasional use.

    Review Samsung CLX-3305FN

    The use of polymerized toner makes prints resist fading. A color-mapped image with it, get a

    Noticeable luster that is what sets them among the traditionally opaque laser copies. Well traced

    Specialization available drivers for this MFP. SPL-C language is used to display text and business

    Graphics, and photos are much better obtained through emulation PostScript.

    Pleasant impressed forethought and careful study of the software printer and scanner

    Modules. They provide a quick preset settings required to perform tasks, and tools for a precise fit


    Samsung CLX-3305FN


    Laser MFP


    Laser 4-color multi-pass

    Maximum paper size (size in mm)


    Print Resolution (Enhanced) / copy, dpi


    Memory (std. / Max.), MB


    Processor, MHz

    2 CPU (core: 533 MHz, support 150 MHz)


    SPL-C (Samsung Printer Langauge), emulation PCL-5c, PCL-6c, PS3


    2-line LCD


    Printingfrom USB-drives



    The number of copies per cycle


    Automatic Document Feeder (size sheets)

    + (40)





    Opticalresolutiondigitization, ppi


    Maximum capacity external digitization bit



    + ITU-T G3 / ECM

    Masimalno speed transmission / reception, kbps


    The internal memory of the fax pages (MB)


    Speed B / W Printing (as described ESAT), pages / minute (A4)


    Print speed color (as described ESAT), pages / minute (A4)


    Speed B / W copy (by the method of ESAT), pages / minute (A4)


    Color Copy Speed (procedure ESAT), UAH / min (A4)


    Time to first print / copy, sec., Max (B / W)


    Time to first print / copy, sec., Not more (color)


    Warm-up time after turning on / standby, sec


    Maximuminputcapacity, p


    Maximumoutputcapacity, p


    The range of paper weight, g/m2

    Plain / thin / thick / preprint / recycled / label / card / cotton / painted /








    / Maximum recommended volume printing or copying, thousands pp. / Month

    20 /


    1Bk +1 C +1 M +1 Y

    Continuous black cartridge normal / high capacity, thousands of pages


    Average yield color cartridges normal / high capacity, thousands of pages


    Resource foto-barabana/remnya transfer thousands of pages


    LPT interface


    The USB interface


    Wired LAN Ethernet / Network Adapter


    Wireless LAN Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11)


    PictBridge, and / or print from USB-drives


    Power consumption, W (max / standby)




    Mass, kg



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