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Review Samsung CLP-365


    Samsung CLP-365 - entry-level color printing

    Review Samsung CLP-365

    Reducing the cost of monochrome laser printers and MFPs led to the fact that their retail prices were comparable to the cost. Further price reduction is possible only if the manufacturers expect to make a profit at the expense of the supplies. Colour printers still have a reserve for such a competition, and now this class of devices, you can see the emergence of models available with basic functionality, such as the Samsung CLP-365.


    As one of the main methods reduce the cost of color laser devices use the technology to multi-pass color laser printing. Today, it seems almost an anachronism, but if it comes about the device of the initial price range, such a method of applying a dye is acceptable. And while it ensures reduction in the streaming speed full-color output by 4-5 times compared with a monochrome, but a printing mechanism is less expensive to manufacture, and his body - leaner. Andthecostofconsumablesandhenceprintsdecreases.

    Review Samsung CLP-365

    As to performance, the multi-pass mechanisms provide quite adequate output speed black-and-white prints. And if we postulate that the model used in the application of color printing will be episodic, and monochrome - constant, considered in this review, the printer Samsung CLP-365 fits perfectly into it.

    Review Samsung CLP-365

    A similar version of the load characteristic of the printer, operated the only user and with low intensity, such as student or businessman in the "home office". The major share of monochrome printing tasks from which we expect good streaming performance and time to first sheet, color is used much less frequently, in some "clean copy" and the most important documents. A basic requirements for fingerprint image quality act and, if possible, reduced production costs.


    Monochrome Printer Samsung CLP-365 performs in line with the stated characteristics, even slightly exceeding the nameplate capacity. The achieved level: 18.6 sec. / Min. Multiscript to text obtained by the quality settings "Standard print" and output in shades of gray. Interestingly, the "Standard print" - this is the only preset that allows you to set the monochrome output, all other ("Photo", "Business Graphics», «CAD», «Web Page") is only available color.

    Review Samsung CLP-365

    To test the performance color printing used three-page sample. One of them consisted of text with logos, and the second is a piece of the presentation, rich charts and graphs. The conclusion was made with a pre-quality "business graphics". In both tests was obtained from the streaming speed 4. / Min. - Fully compliant passport.

    Review Samsung CLP-365

    Attention is drawn to the surface of the glossy sheen of prints - an obvious consequence of the

    Application of the polymer


    Время монохромной печати, с

    Review Samsung CLP-365

    Print quality tested output of a complex sample containing small text, vector and bitmap graphics. It is interesting that the prints did not differ from one another, the difference between playing the pixel virtually absent. The size of the solid fill color and monochrome world can be estimated as the average, about the appropriate resolution of 600 dpi.

    Review Samsung CLP-365Review Samsung CLP-365

    Colored text on a black background remain readable to a size of 4 points, and with it set to «CAD» was still legible font in 3 pt.

    Review Samsung CLP-365

    Setting The "Photography" Setting «CAD»

    Raster images on the prints were much darker than the original and are manifested by transverse bands do not end up exactly the blend color. The final impression: SPL-use printer driver allows you to print business graphics with good quality and performance of the passport. But the output raster images require pre-distortion intensity of the colors and the transverse band is unlikely to remove the regular means. However, printing pictures on any laser mechanism - lesson did not initially claim to high quality results, but only the approximate similarity to the original. Interestingly, in the printer driver set Samsung CPL-365 does not include language emulation of PostScript, and it is not offered load of the network. But its use significantly increased the quality of the printing on the MFP Samsung CLX-3305FN , having identical to the print module.


    Review Samsung CLP-365

    Basic printer supplies - is toner cartridges, drum and waste toner box. Resource containers with a dye traditionally device the initial price range is low, only 1.5 thousand prints for black and a total of 1 thousand for color. Their replacement is not complicated enough to tilt the front panel by pressing the button on the front upper edge of the unit. On the side of them is working out the garbage and replace the drum will be possible only after removing all the cartridges. However, such work is quite satisfied even untrained user in complying with the "Guidelines" and subject to a minimum accuracy.

    Review Samsung CLP-365


    Advanced features designed to simplify the paperwork with the Samsung CLP-365, are Eco-fast printing and display the contents of the screen.

    Review Samsung CLP-365

    Economic printing includes toner save feature, ie its application with less intensity, but balancing the colors, skipping blank pages and the output of the two document pages on a single sheet of paper. Each of these properties can be set in the driver separately, and Eco-mode is activated by pressing the «Eco» at the printer control panel or from the driver interface.

    Print the image on a computer screen by pressing a dedicated button on the control panel. Content is transferred fairly accurately with the interpolation stretching of the relatively low screen resolution on an A4 sheet. Experimentally verified that transmitted only static members pictures, video player window is always black. At the output of the copy spent about 30 seconds, and it is worth noting that the print button on the screen is to press harder. In the instance tested the printer, mild depression, even when clearly palpable and audible key click, do not always lead to the triggering of the function.


    The appearance of color printers with retail prices of $ 200, can be considered the modern trend. Of course, such a model will gain popularity among the buyers who want to purchase an inexpensive, but a color laser device. And if before in the lower price range practically no alternative to inkjet devices, now this segment of the market is filled with active and competition will intensify it.

    Review Samsung CLP-365

    Printer Samsung CLP-365 is quite accurate to the expectations of low-cost color laser printer, it is quite suitable for the personal use of the market SOHO, but expect him to something more is not necessary.

    Samsung CLP-365






    Full color laser, multi-pass

    Maximum paper size (size in mm)


    Print Resolution (Enhanced) / copy, dpi


    Memory (std. / Max.), MB


    Processor, MHz








    Speed B / W Printing (as described ESAT), pages / minute (A4)


    Print speed color (as described ESAT), pages / minute (A4)


    Time to first print / copy, sec., Max (B / W)

    14 /

    Time to first print / copy, sec., Not more (color)

    26 /

    Warm-up time after turning on / standby, sec


    Maximuminputcapacity, p


    Maximumoutputcapacity, p


    The range of paper weight, g/m2








    / Maximum recommended volume printing or copying, thousands pp. / Month

    20 /


    1C +1 M +1 Y +1 Bk

    Continuous black cartridge normal / high capacity, thousands of pages


    Average yield color cartridges normal / high capacity, thousands of pages


    Resource foto-barabana/remnya transfer thousands of pages


    LPT interface


    The USB interface


    Wired LAN Ethernet / Network Adapter


    Wireless LAN Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11)


    PictBridge, and / or print from USB-drives


    Power consumption, W (max / standby)




    Mass, kg



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