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Review LG Pocket Photo PD223


    Review of portable photo printer LG Pocket Photo PD223: small valve and roads

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    The word "photo printer" is difficult to imagine a device that can fit in the palm of your hand and the weight just gone from smartphones. However, the LG believe that portable photo printers have a right to life. Back in 2012 the Korean company unveiled the Pocket Photo PD221, which even gained a certain popularity in the local market. Inspired by this development, LG is preparing for the Ukrainian market of portable photo printer Pocket Photo PD223, which should go on sale in the summer. Let's see what it is and how it works.

    Design and construction

    At our first meeting with the LG Pocket Photo PD223 is a strong feeling that you have played. The printer is made in a small rectangular case with rounded corners and looks like a toy.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    This feeling is enhanced even more if you look closely to the pattern case, it is a small hearts inscribed into the net.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    In general, looking at the LG Pocket Photo PD223 not say that he is able to print something.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    Case dimensions are 120.9 Photo Printer x72, 4x24 mm. In the width and height of the device is less than some of today's smartphones, but the thickness of 24 mm can not just carry it in the pocket of jeans or jacket. However, Pocket Photo PD223 lot of space in your bag will not take, and it weighs only 212 grams.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    .The main body material plastic device. On each side of it is smooth, and the top and bottom - with the aforementioned textured finish. The design looks robust, albeit slightly creaks when squeezed, but for the body photo printer is not so important.

    Control button in the LG Pocket Photo PD223 and the only one responsible for including it.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    Around it are inscribed indicator light that shows the charge level photo printer (Green), and when it is charging (red light). To enable the printer to hold down the button and hold for a few seconds until the indicator light flashes white.

    On the right side of the body flap hidden USB and microUSB. The first is used to print photos from your phone by USB-cable, and the other for charging.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    In general, the design of LG Pocket Photo PD223 can be called pleasant, and the design is such

    That to deal with it is not difficult.


    In order that the printer can print anything, he certainly needed the ink cartridges and paper. In the case of the Pocket Photo PD223 situation is slightly different. In this photo printer uses paper, created by technology ZINK 2.0, small size 7.6 x 5 cm It is made of a composite material with blue, yellow and red crystals, coated with a layer of polymer. When the material is heated, it changes its color depending on the temperature.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    Therefore, for printing on a Pocket Photo PD223 cartridges are not needed, the paper already contains the necessary paint. This approach has had a positive impact on the speed of printing, for a single image, it takes about 40 seconds.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    However, the low cost of ZINK photo paper will not name, pack of 30 sheets in Ukraine, LG plans to sell at a price of about Rs 100, so the price of a printed photo will be about 3 USD. Given that today

    The picture to print 10x15 cheaper UAH 1, the price of 3 USD per photo size 7.6 x 5 cm - it is quite expensive.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    Dressed in a paper Pocket Photo PD223 is very simple, it only need to print and gently inserted into the slot on the back of the case.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    It takes just a couple of seconds and the photo printer is ready for operation. To adjust the color settings, it prints the first test paper blue, which immediately comes packaged with photo paper. Print

    To print a photo on LG Pocket Photo PD223 necessarily need a smartphone on Android or iOS-enabled Bluetooth or NFC. Unfortunately, print photos from your computer will not work, for a photo printer that simply is not designed. Itsmainpurpose - toprintphotosfromsmartphones.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    To get started with Pocket Photo PD223 need to download the app LG Pocket Photo, which can be

    Found in the Google Play and App Store.


    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    After that you can print them or to conduct additional manipulation. The latter include the ability to zoom photo, adding to it the date, QR-code, as well as the frame.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    In addition, the sheet size of 7.6 x 5 cm, as it turns out, can accommodate two or four photos, this is a separate tool.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    Data between a smartphone and a photo printer can be transferred via Bluetooth and NFC. iPhone can work with Pocket Photo PD223 only over Bluetooth, but the Android-supported smartphones and NFC, through which to start printing smart enough to put on the photo printer.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    The application is running LG Pocket Photo stable and without any problems. Questions only to the quality of printed images. Apparently, due to the nature of technology ZINK 2.0, photo turn faded, as if for a long time lying in the sun. It is best to print photos with bright colors, they are Pocket Photo PD223 most successful.

    Review LG Pocket Photo PD223

    Pocket Photo PD223 powered from the mains, but it also has a built-in battery 500 mAhbattery, which is enough to seal about 10 shots, but the manufacturer has the possibility to print approximately 40 photos. As a result,

    Portable Photo Printer LG Pocket Photo PD223 initially gives the impression of not very practical toys. However, print photos from smartphones at home fun and just plain fun. It is especially popular with children for whom happening like magic. But the announced price Pocket Photo PD223 at 1600 USD and the cost of paper, again, put a device into the category of expensive toys. But I also do not rule out that this photo printer can be used to create unique decorations or as entertainment for visitors to cafes and restaurants. But Housing LG Pocket Photo PD223 - this is still a solution for everybody. Like:

    - The size and weight of the printer

    - Built-in battery

    - Easy refill paper

    - Printing ink

    - Print Speed

    - Support for Android and iOS Did not like:

    - Print Quality

    - Pictures only at the rate of 7,6 x5 cm

    - Low autonomy

    - It is not possible to use the printer with a PC

    - The cost of a printed photo

    - The cost of the printer


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