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    Laptop Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    Characteristic design with concentric circles on top of a thin metal body, the lack of built-in drive and even a prefix in the name - literally everything indicates that this is a very large family of Ultrabook ASUS ZENBOOK. However, in reality it is not, in fact creating an attractive ultra-thin 15.6-inch laptop and equipping it with high-quality IPS-matrix with Full HD resolution of the manufacturer does not want to "pinch" of its energy-efficient processor. The result is ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ - powerful laptop "in the shoes of the lamb" (ie in the case ultrabook) based on quad-core Intel Core i7 and discrete graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M.


    Laptop ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ Comes in a gift box decorated minimalist type of high-quality black cardboard packaging to meet such devices among the lower and middle price segment to impossible.

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    In addition to the laptop in the box you will find an updated design of the charger, external subwoofer ASUS SonicMaster (the same used in acoustics multmediynoy N-Series from ASUS), cloth for wiping the screen and a set of instructions.

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    At the moment, the domestic market is supplied in two configurations of the model, which differ only in the presence of complete optical drive ( U500VZ-CN038H Without drive, U500VZ-CN014H -driven). So if you basically do not plan to use optical discs, you can save about 150 hryvnia, but against the background of the total cost of Rs 14,000 laptop in this economy does not look too logical.

    Design and Ergonomics

    Externally ASUS U500VZ Looks exactly the same as his younger 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch fellow family ZENBOOK. All the family's specific design and materials of the body and is used here only changed body size.

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    The cover is decorated with aluminum graphite color with a characteristic texture of concentric circles in the center placed a mirror manufacturer's logo. On the front edge of the cover is placed barely noticeable "peak", which helps to open the lid. From the user's display unit differs matte border matte IPS-matrix, wherein at the top edging can be found not only a web camera, but also an indicator of its activity, and digital microphones.

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    Lower body ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ Made of light metal with a vertical texture. Compartments for the upgrade is not provided, in order to upgrade the components or the battery will have to unscrew the tiny screws around the perimeter of the housing. Perforation area stretches almost the entire width of the body in two rows, which is not surprising in view of the powerful processor and a discrete graphics card. Radiator cooling system integrated into shelving display hinge.

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    In the laptop in working condition striking podladonnoy width of the panel. With this arrangement, the question of where to place the palm of your hand (on a desktop or notebook itself) is just not worth it - if you want to reach out to the keyboard, you just have to lay hands on the notebook. Without dedicated touchpad buttons just huge, the touchpad supports multi-touch gestures, two and three fingers. Island-type keyboard with a dedicated numeric keypad is backlit, and its intensity is regulated in three gradations. ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ Layout is quite good, except for the traditional solutions for ASUS block arrows, inconveniently located on the border between the symbolic and numeric keypad.

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    Operating panel minimalist but practically invisible power button, tucked away out of sight in the upper right corner, you can find only four status LEDs practically on the edge of the front face of the housing. Indicators stylish shine through the perforations in the form of a point hexagon, to assess the function of each of them can be on the corresponding icon.

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    Finally, a set of connectors model ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ. Due to the nature of construction and design, the front and rear face of the body is completely free. In the near-to the user of the sidewalls posted a pair of speakers in the future - communication connectors. Right is a combined audio port,

    Card reader, one of the three ports USB 3.0, video mini-VGA, and a connector for an external subwoofer with an activity indicator. On the left side you will find two ports USB 3.0, a full-sized HDMI, RJ45 and pull out the charger. _

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    Functionality, operation

    Despite the fact that the model ASUS U500VZ Belongs to the family ZENBOOK, we face a very functional performance notebook based on the quad-core Intel Core i7-3612QM with a working frequency 2.1-3.1 GHz. Memory is organized on the basis of soldered to the motherboard memory module 4GB and one SODIMM-port for up to 4 GB of additional memory. It got us to the test specimen with the maximum possible volume of 8 GB, while on the market of Ukraine at the moment configurations are 6 GB of RAM.


    A similar situation is observed in the equipping of the ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ Disk storage. It got us to the test in this sense, the top-end configuration is based on two modules on the SSD-128GB each. However, for sale on the local market configuration uses a balanced solution based on the 128 GB SSD and a 500 GB HDD. Note that is the most affordable hybrid solution of poluterabaytnogo hard drive paired with Express Cache SSD of 24 GB.

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    The graphics subsystem ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ Based on a combination of integrated graphics core into the processor Intel HD Graphics 4000 and discrete productive cards NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M on Kepler architecture with 2 GB of memory GDDR5. Switching between the two types of graphs automatically using NVIDIA Optimus technology or manually - for different applications or operating modes (offline / on-line). Permanent capacity 6-cell battery is 70 Wh (6570 mAh, 11.1 V). Testing the battery life was carried out forcibly activated discrete card for the maximum load (1 hour 33 minutes), and with the inclusion of integrated video emulation mode read (6 hrs 57 mins).


    As we have already mentioned, the model ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ Used quality 15.6-inch IPS-matrix from LG with Full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Matt coating provides excellent protection against stray reflections, although somewhat mutes the colors. The measured brightness was 27 cd/m2 at minimum and a maximum of 307 cd/m2, available 10 shades of adjustment.

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    The following year, the sale will be the model ASUS ZENBOOK Touch U500VZ, Which will be different from the hero of our review of a capacitive touch layer for easy management option tiled interface of Windows 8.

    The results

    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ

    ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ - efficient 15.6-inch laptop with premium, made in a slim metal body and has an excellent IPS-screen with Full HD resolution. In this model in our market there are quite a lot of competitors (http://hotline. ua/computer/noutbuki-netbuki/883-9911-892-40536-40537/), but the Apple MacBook Pro Retina is much more expensive, and the Windows-model most of them are equipped with a Full HD screen on the basis of lower quality matrix TN + film, and offer a lower level of functionality for the same price. Based on the above features of the ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ, this model deserves a sign "Editor's Choice".


    + Excellent level of equipment (quad-core Intel Core i7, NVIDIA Kepler, SSD + HDD)

    + Quality matte IPS-display with Full HD resolution

    + Thin metal body in the style of the family ZENBOOK Ultrabooks

    + Autonomy in office mode

    + Multimedia Speakers 2.1

    Do not like it

    - Keyboard layout

    - Overestimated the level of the minimum screen brightness

    ASUS U500VZ (U500VZ-CN014H)



    Screen size, inches


    Type of matrix


    Type of covering the screen


    Screen Resolution


    Processor Type

    Intel Core i7-3612QM

    Frequency, GHz


    Pre-installed OS

    Windows 8 64bit

    Mass, kg


    Dimensions in mm

    380x254, 5x6-19, 7


    Intel HM77

    The amount of memory (Std / Max)


    Hard disk, GB

    500 (HDD) + 128 (SSD)

    Optical drive

    DVD-RW (external USB)

    Graphics card, memory

    NVidia GeForce GT 650M, 2GB

    External Ports

    3xUSB 3.0, Mini-VGA, HDMI, headphone / mic-in (combo)

    Expansion Slot


    Card reader

    SD, MMC



    Network Adapter


    56K modem



    802.11 a / g / n






    Battery capacity, mA. ch


    Battery voltage, V


    Review ASUS ZENBOOK U500VZ


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