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Review ASUS N56


    ASUS N56 notebook review

    Review ASUS N56

    After the announcement of the new N-series multimedia notebooks from ASUS Back in 2008, the yearWe introduced you to a fairly regular basis with its representatives, in particular, in our lab had time to visit the model N61, N53, N55 And N46 (the second number in the index indicates a generation ).However, our guest today ASUS N56 Is not only interesting as a regular middle-sized laptop for entertainment, but also as a device based on Quad-Core AMD A10-4600M on the new architecture AMD Trinity.


    Traditionally notebook multimedia N-series model ASUS N56 Comes in the expanded configuration. In transport packaging from cardboard unpainted you will find not only a box with a laptop, but also branded bag. In the box itself also has a couple of surprises, because apart from the usual power supply and a set of documents in its various offices you will find external SonicMaster subwoofer and a wired mouse of a glossy plastic.

    Review ASUS N56

    If the wire is difficult to call the manipulator especially useful acquisition, the subwoofer is in the form of a vertical cylinder really allows you to get a deeper bass sound. Integrate the subwoofer a level in the body 15.6-inch laptop is almost impossible, so that from the point of view of the quality of the speaker to make his decision in a separate block is uniquely true.


    Design Notebook N-series has undergone many changes during its existence, but the current version of the design is probably the best. ASUS designers have managed to create quite an interesting image of an attractive color scheme and using quality materials. If you come to inspect the ASUS N56 As corrosive and to try to find fault appearance at any cost, then they can be

    Attributed to Mark pretty cover and protruding into the right proximal portion of the base housing detachable hard drive. Otherwise, no complaints, and many of the above features of the device probably does not deem worthy of attention.

    Review ASUS N56

    We now turn to the description of self appearance ASUS N56. Laptop lid is finished aluminum sheet bronze with banded texture and adorned with the logo transparent ASUS, which is pretty illuminated during operation. The base case is made of black plastic, unassuming, with placement in the battery and hard drive have characteristic bends panel. To upgrade the memory, and disk has one long compartment in the front of the case. Removable battery does not protrude out of the case, its capacity of 56 Wh.

    Review ASUS N56

    Sides with ASUS N56 Two-tone, dark lower part belongs to the plastic base and top light - aluminum operation panel. The rear face of the body is empty, the front can be found only a card reader. The right side panel contains a pair of audio ports, two connectors USB 3.0, optical drive (in this case, Blu-Ray), charger socket and Kensington lock hole. On the left side centered two more ports USB 3.0, video output HDMI, pull out the network port RJ45, radiator cooling system, video and D-sub connector for an external subwoofer.

    Screen, ergonomics

    Despite the presence of convenient hood, open the lid with one hand ASUS N56 Does not work because of the tight joint. The maximum angle of inclination of the cover above the average, and is about 145 degrees. Edging the matrix is made of smooth plastic-glare in the upper area of integrated web camera (photo resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels) with an activity indicator and microphone. Interestingly, the web camera is the mode of "flash" in which to capture the frame onto the screen displays a white background - to greatly improve the quality of shooting such an option may not, but it is useful if you want to get a photo in the dark.

    Review ASUS N56

    In the various configurations of the model ASUS N56 Can establish a normal TN-matrix with a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels or higher-quality Full HD-version. We were hit with the configuration of the second type of mat matrix resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The corners of her review is much better than the average laptop screen (the manufacturer says 150 'horizontal and 120' vertical), but it is still TN, and the maximum quality IPS, used in high-end Ultrabooks by ASUS. Dimming range is skewed in favor of higher values, ranging from 70 to 340 cd/m2 in the range of 10 shades.

    Operating panel ASUS N56 is made in a minimalist and yet not without a certain proportion of attraction. The flat aluminum surface contains slots for large touchpad, numeric keypad and a pair of multimedia speakers. In the upper corners of the panels feature soft-key button and turn the computer around which diverge concentric "point" of the circle. Button in the left corner can be configured to perform a variety of operations, including the volume control in the execution of necessary applications and web pages, as well as switching modes and modules.

    Review ASUS N56

    Island keyboard with dedicated numeric keypad is pleasant to work, but has a typical drawback - uncomfortable block arrows, distributed between the core and the digital part. Note that the keyboardASUS N56 Is equipped with a backlight, the brightness of which can be adjusted in three gradations. Large touchpad without dedicated buttons ducked slightly on the level of the work area, the touchpad has a lovely touch concentric texture.

    Functionality, operation

    Laptop ASUS N56 Comes in four basic models: VJ, VM and VZ are based on Intel processors and equipped with graphics from NVIDIA, but the fourth DP is completely built in components from AMD. We tested it got this version (ASUS N56DP), Equipped with a quad-core AMD A10-4600M on the Trinity architecture with an integrated Radeon HD 7660G graphics and more powerful discrete core AMD Radeon HD 7730M.

    Review ASUS N56

    Recall that the architecture of Trinity is a continuation of the ideas embodied in a series APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) AMD Llano. Considered processor AMD A10-4600M made on 32 nm process tehprotsesssa and will run on the 2.3 GHz, being dispersed in turbo mode up to 3.2 GHz and heated to the TDP 35W. Integrated graphics AMD Radeon HD 7660G supports DirectX 11 and on the level of performance that surpasses the current integrated core Intel HD Graphics 4000. Switch built in APU and discrete graphics is carried out in automatic or manual mode, allowing to test the performance of both graphics subsystems.

    Review ASUS N56

    Thus, in the present configuration ASUS N56 Scored 1970 points in PCMark 7, 2600, or 1350 points in 3DMark 11 (AMD Radeon HD 7730M and AMD Radeon HD 7660G, respectively) and 5.6 points in the performance index Windows. The battery life of the battery capacity of 56 Wh was 1 hour 20 minutes at full load (discrete graphics) and 4 hours and 10 minutes in the emulation mode of reading (integrated graphics).

    Review ASUS N56Review ASUS N56

    3DMark 11, AMD Radeon HD 7660G During operation, the special claims to the ASUS N56 Arose. Do not like it unless it is too deeply hidden card reader to work with who have to lift the front of the notebook. And here's an updated design, build quality and materials, comfortable backlit keyboard, and improved acoustics in the 2.1

    Format is attributed to the merits of this model. Of special note matt Full HD screen with excellent for TN-viewing angle technology.

    Review ASUS N56Review ASUS N56

    Video review of the ASUS N56 laptop The results

    As a result, ASUS N56 - a 15-inch multimedia notebook with dual graphics engine based on the logic from Intel or AMD. A great solution for those who are seeking a mobile cinema with quite a large Full HD screen and high-quality acoustics. Due to its good performance, full set of connectors, and a comfortable keyboard, this laptop will be able to become a good solution for the office, yet his native element - home living room, where he will be able to more fully disclose its multimedia capabilities.

    Review ASUS N56


    + Modern hardware platform from AMD dual-card

    + Quality Full HD screen with wide viewing angles and high brightness backlight

    + Four-port USB 3.0, a pair of video outputs, Blu-ray drive

    + Adjustable backlit keyboard, comfortable large touchpad

    + Nice design, quality of materials

    + High-quality speakers with an external subwoofer

    Do not like it

    - Too high a minimum screen brightness

    - Implementation of the block arrows

    - Uncomfortable seating card reader

    ASUS N56DP (N56DP-S4008V)



    Screen size, inches


    Type of matrix

    TN + film

    Type of covering the screen


    Screen Resolution


    Processor Type

    AMD A10-4600M

    Frequency, GHz


    Pre-installed OS

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Mass, kg


    Dimensions in mm

    380x255x27, 3/34


    AMD A70M

    The amount of memory (Std / Max)


    Hard disk, GB


    Optical drive


    Graphics card, memory

    AMD Radeon HD 7730M, 2GB

    External Ports

    4xUSB 3.0, VGA, HDMI, mic-in, speaker-out

    Expansion Slot


    Card reader

    SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro



    Network Adapter


    56K modem










    Battery capacity, mA. ch


    Battery voltage, V


    Review ASUS N56


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