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Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review


    Overview touch Ultrabook HP ENVY TouchSmart 4

    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review

    If a couple of years ago, the idea to equip ordinary laptop touch screen come up with the most original and only "innovative" companies, soon to such an operation can catch each of the first major manufacturer (in particular, we have visited in the hands touch notebooks

    From ASUS, HP And Sony,and in line models from Acer, Lenovo, and others). The main reason for the growing popularity of these solutions was the release of Windows 8 with the notorious "live tiles", which allow to introduce notes of tablet usage models in the usual netransformiruyuschiesya laptops. The hero of our today's review - Touch version of a 14-inch Ultrabook HP ENVY 4, with the original version of which we introduced you to the end of last year.


    Ultrabook is made in the typical family of HP ENVY Style, using the same metallic finish cover and operation panel, beveled at the back of the silhouette of the body and the open front edge of the touchpad. However, to distinguish the HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 From the usual HP ENVY 4 Pretty easy - touch version ultrabook silver-black, not black and red. The maximum thickness is 2.3 cm, and weight ultrabook significantly greater than 2 kg, which is not too small for the 14-inch model. Note that the device comes in an upright white cardboard box as standard (power supply unit, documents).

    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review

    Cover Ultrabook HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 Is finished in black aluminum panel with a vertical texture. Wireless antenna module at the top of a narrow strip of plastic covered, the manufacturer's logo modestly placed in the lower left-hand corner. Around the perimeter of the display unit, a narrow

    Silver bezel, which is set off by coal-black cover. The base body made of plastic softtach user-accessible bays not. At the rear of the bottom panel are two of the perforations, the proximal part of the long-distance and used for air intake and only a small part of the lattice to bend the body is cooling radiator.

    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review

    The slanted back face Ultrabook HP ENVY TouchSmart 4-free Connectors and decorated exclusively the name of the manufacturer. Pointed front face also contains no additional items, you can find just the typical "smile" formed by the bending of the working panel under the touchpad. In addition to purely visual effect, this allows more comfortable grip recess lid with your finger.

    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review

    Thus, all the connectors are located on the edges of ultrabook: on the right is a pair of audio ports, USB 2.0, and the charger on the left - two indicators of activity, card reader, two ports USB 3.0, and

    HDMI and RJ45.


    Operating panel HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 Is made of sheet aluminum, natural silver color. In its upper part is a speaker unit with the power button, and the Beats Audio logo stereoakustikoy hidden beneath the perforated panel. It would seem that an increase in size as compared to the laptop 13.3-inch models are not too large, but it is clearly seen in the transition from a more compact solutions, both in a positive (greater area of the screen and the size of the touchpad, more ergonomic keyboard), and in negative (laptop larger and heavier) senses.

    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review

    Island keyboard HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 Is located in a small recess with rounded corners. Despite the silver substrate with a plastic keyboard, rather than metal, so it's pretty easy to bend in the middle of the active typing. The layout is very bad, it has large keys and Shift selected column navigation buttons, but the block arrows on the fan solved soon. By default, the number of activated lowercase function keys, you have to adjust the brightness, sound volume and control playback of content can be in one touch, without the use of a modifier Fn. The keyboard has a non-adjustable backlighting of which reminds the user to constantly illuminated in passive mode key F5.

    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review

    Quite a large touchpad with silver trim perimeter placed in a niche with open face. The entire surface concentric with the original texture can be used for navigation. The left and right click as practiced by one-and two-finger Taps, and with the help of a rather tight pressing on the lower edge of the touchpad. Note that you can quickly disable the touchpad double tapom the top left corner, and the next will turn orange.


    The display module ultrabook made under the scheme without skirting, 14-inch touch screen is covered with protective glass and only a small portion of the display bezel is made of glossy plastic. Model HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 Is equipped with a typical 14-inch TN-matrix with small viewing angles and standard-definition 1366 x 768 pixels. The brightness is adjustable from 15 to 170 cd/m2 in the range of 10 shades.

    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review

    However, the most interesting part of this screen is not characteristic of the matrix, and its sensory features - a capacitive layer to recognize up to 10 simultaneous touches and can very comfortably use gestures Windows 8 tablet interface and the Modern UI. Getting used to the extra degree of freedom is very fast, especially easy this transition is given to those who are already actively using tablets and smartphones. Subsequent communication with non-touch notebooks causes mild surprise because of the lack of response to touching the screen. In fact, the only claim to the touch screen it is soiled, the more you will enjoy this "transparent touchpad", the more likely it will have to be cleaned of fingerprints.

    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review

    Traditionally ultrabook model HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 Is built on energy-efficient version of the Intel Ivy Bridge. Came to our configuration equipped with a processor Intel Core i5-3317U with integrated graphics, HD Graphics 4000, 6GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive, complete with SSD caching to


    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 reviewEnvy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review

    In this configuration, it scored 4030 points in PCMark 7, 1150 points in 3Dmark11, 3230 points in 3Dmark Cloud Gate and 4.9 points in the index of the performance of Windows. The battery life of the four-piece lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 52 Wh brightness of 120 cd/m2 was 1 hour 50 minutes at maximum load, and 6 hours and 20 minutes in the emulation mode of reading.

    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 reviewEnvy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review

    One of the interesting features of the model, we note a good acoustics Beats Audio, built on two speakers and a subwoofer HP Triple Bass Reflex, technology support Intel Rapid Start Technolog and Smart Response Technology, as well as a range of branded services, including HP Utility Center, HP Connected Photo / Music / ePrint, HP Coolsense, HP ProtectSmart, etc.

    Video review of the touch Ultrabook HP ENVY TouchSmart 4

    The results

    As a result, HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 - it's the same attractive and easy to use 14-inch HP ENVY Ultrabook 4, complete with a touch screen. If this is possible you are missing in your current laptop, then it is quite sufficient reason to replace it with a more trendy option.

    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review


    + A bunch of touch screen and the Modern UI Windows 8 + Nice design, metal and plastic body-softtach + Comfortable island keyboard with backlight + High-quality speakers in the 2.1 format Do not like it

    - TN-glossy screen with a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels

    - Solid solutions for mobile weight

    HP ENVY 4-1161er (C6F05EA)



    Screen size, inches


    Type of matrix

    TN + film

    Type of covering the screen


    Screen Resolution


    Touch-sensitive screen


    Processor Type

    Intel Core i5-3317U

    Frequency, GHz


    Pre-installed OS

    Windows 8 64bit

    Mass, kg


    Dimensions in mm

    342,2 x237, 2x23


    Intel HM77

    The amount of memory (Std / Max)


    Hard disk, GB

    500 (HDD) + 32 (SSD)

    Optical drive


    Graphics card, memory

    Intel HD Graphics 4000

    External Ports

    2xUSB 3.0, 1xUSB 2.0, HDMI, headphone, mic-in

    Expansion Slot


    Card reader




    Network Adapter


    56K modem



    802.11 b / g / n Widi







    Battery capacity, mA. ch


    Battery voltage, V


    Envy touchsmart ultrabook 4 review


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