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Chromebook Pixel review


    Overview Chromebooks Google Chromebook Pixel

    Chromebook Pixel review

    Despite the fact that the developers of Chrome OS never really limited the upper limit of the final performance of third-party manufacturers, the lion's share of after-current Chromebooks can be easily counted among the entry-level model. The logic here is very simple - the architecture of the cloud operating system and its applications are less demanding on the speed of the terminal, and therefore the urgent need to raise the price Chromebooks more productive set is not. Another important factor was the need to promote Chrome OS in the mass market, and there better recipe than to come up with an attractive price tag is difficult. That is why the recent announcement of the Chromebook Pixel From platformoderzhatelya sounded like a bolt from the blue. Stylish aluminum casing, IPS-display with superior notorious Retina resolution, Intel Core i5 processor, without a doubt able to attract geeks, but the price tag of $ 1,300 - $ 1,450 in the most natural way limits their range.


    At our first meeting with the Chromebook Pixel Catch the eye half-forgotten body proportions due to non-standard screen with a diagonal of 12.85 inches and an aspect ratio of 3:2. In this sense, more like a classic Chromebooks laptops with screens 4:3, than the modern "shirokoformatnikov" with a ratio of 16:9. In this case, if you put next to the hero of the review standard 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro, the difference in size and the perception would be surprisingly small because of the peculiarities of fixing the screen and the "apple" 16:10 aspect ratio latest model.

    Chromebook Pixel review

    Interesting things and the weight Chromebook Pixel, Which subjectively seems pretty weighty. If you focus on the 13.3-inch ultrabook with average weight of 1.35 kg, the figure of 1.52 kg seems quite large. However, given the solid capacity built-in battery (59 Wh) and compare the weight of Chromebooks with a direct competitor (MacBook Pro Retina 13 "), it would appear that he is as much as 100 grams lighter.


    Model Chromebook Pixel Entirely made of anodized aluminum graphite shade with a matte finish. The design uses only three basic parts - a cover, combined with the faces of the display unit; topkeys, exactly aligned with the sidewalls of the basics, and finally the lower part of the body.

    Chromebook Pixel review

    The lid does not contain the usual manufacturer's logo, and only the upper part can be found three thin strips, one of which serves as a single status indicator. In active mode, this strip lights dim blue, and at the time of going to sleep and back shortly winks four colored segments.

    Chromebook Pixel review

    Lower housing part as well as the cover is flat and does not contain any holes or fastening element. The holes in the cooling system niche shelf hinge and screws which are hidden under the rubber feet are placed in the corners of the bottom panel. As a result, from a distance of a few meters, you can simply do not understand how the laptop is on the table - a lid or bottom up.

    On the right side wall Chromebook Pixel Can be found kardriderv an SD card slot and a micro-SIM, available only in the LTE-version. All other connectors are located on the left face is: audio ports, two USB 2.0, mini DisplayPort connector and a slot for a compact charger with side connector and the power of the charge indicator light (yellow ring while charging, green - when it reaches 100%).


    Display Chromebook Pixel Made under the scheme without skirting, protective glass with a capacitive touch layer covers almost 13-inch IPS-matrix, the resolution of which is an impressive 2560 by 1700 pixels, which corresponds to the pixel density of 239 PPI. The picture quality is very high, the picture is smooth and Highly detailed, the colors are bright and juicy, the maximum viewing angles. Dimming range is from 15 to 380 cd/m2, which is enough for almost any lighting conditions.

    Chromebook Pixel reviewChromebook Pixel review

    Chromebooks cover opens easily with one hand thanks to the ergonomic recess on the front face and not too taut hinge with logo Chrome. The maximum angle of the screen a little wider than usual. Its fixation in a closed position by means of two magnets in the frame display unit. In ordinary life, a stable hinge holds the desired angle (of course, if not very actively use touch screen), but can not be kept in place by the weight of the metal finish display unit by placing a fascia vertically.


    Operating panel Chromebook Pixel Minimalist, available here only island keyboard with automatic lighting and a large glass touchpad with softtach coating.

    Chromebook Pixel review

    Keyboard Chromebooks markedly different from Windows-analogues, there are no such usual keys as Win and Caps Lock, thus occupy the top row of buttons branded service, rather than the usual F1-F12.The main block of keys arranged in a shallow niche, and the top row - level with the worktop, without dividing into groups. The decision certainly pretty, but in terms of ergonomics is not the most comfortable, as determined by feel where is volume control, and where - to adjust the brightness is almost impossible. The keyboard backlight turns on automatically when switching to a darkened room, turn it off forcibly will not work.

    Chromebook Pixel review

    The touchpad is made of glass, but its surface is finished with a special coating in black, significantly facilitates the sliding of the fingers. The system supports most of the familiar multi-touch gestures, including two-finger scrolling, and has several specialties, for example, drag and drop an item with one finger by his pre others.

    Chromebook Pixel review

    All connectors are assembled on the left side, so much difficulty in switching accessories will

    Not. The case is very hard, which is not surprising with an eye for design and material Chromebook



    For obvious reasons, the section devoted to the functionality and testing Chromebook Pixel Will be very short. Even at the initial class with Chromebooks "netbuchnymi" processors noticeable performance problems are not observed, especially if you do not open Web pages and Web applications in dozens, not to mention the system based on Intel Core i5.

    Chromebook Pixel review

    So, Chromebook Pixel Comes with an economical 17-watt processor Intel Core i5-3427U with an operating frequency of 1.8 GHz and the integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000. The RAM is 4 GB, and as the data store supports local SSD of 32 GB or 64 plus subscription terrabaytny Google Drive account for 3 years.

    Chromebook Pixel review

    The full charge capacity of 59 Wh battery manufacturer promises up to 5 hours of active use, our tests have confirmed the validity of this assessment. Recall that the version with Wi-Fi module and a 32 GB SSD costs U. S. $ 1,299, while for LTE-modification with a 64 GB SSD you will be asked $


    Operating system

    The operating system Chrome OS deserves a separate description after thoughtful study and test different patterns of use, but can be briefly noted.

    Chrome OS interface in general is very reminiscent of the work of the same browser, most of the applications open in tabbed browsing and a few of them in separate windows. The familiar desktop exists only in the form of a beautiful backdrop for the open browser windows, and a few system applications that open in separate windows - file manager, calculator, etc. From the many familiar applications will have to give up, because you will be exclusively available options offered by Google Or functionally weaker online version of the software._

    Chromebook Pixel review

    Almost all problems are solved by means of appropriate services and cloud storage from Google, that will require some getting used to, but for others - a complete change of principles. Nothing too complicated about the principles of the Chrome OS is not, however, to complete the work will have to examine some of the original shortcuts and learn to share the keyboard and touch screen. For the interest of the model was tested using the online journalist. The text of the article was typed in a regular Google Docs, make-up was carried out in WordPress-editor running in a browser, but with the processing of images at first there were problems. Built-in image viewer has a button to "do better", is able to adjust the brightness / contrast, and even crop the picture, but do banal scaling with the exact size he was not able to do. However, this task is easily handled the proposed app store Pixlr Editor, with the result that the goal has been reached - the article was created, edited, and published in the "defective" Chrome OS.

    Video review of the Chromebooks Google Chromebook Pixel

    The results

    As a result, Chromebook Pixel - the first Chromebooks from Google, which is different stylish metal casing, high-quality IPS-screen with the highest resolution and cloud operating system, Chrome OS. Go to the device itself claims there is little, it's really a quality product that's nice work. But the operating system at the moment is creating more problems than it solves. Thus Chromebook Pixel is able to attract only those users who are mentally prepared to move to the use of services from Google in a constant connection to the network and at the same time financially able to pay for this niche device about $ 1,500.

    Chromebook Pixel review


    + Excellent touch IPS-display with a resolution of 2560 by 1700 pixels (239 PPI)

    + Pretty hard aluminum case with a brushed finish

    + Keyboard to automatically control lighting, ergonomic touchpad

    + Quiet (but not very effective) cooling system

    Do not like it

    - Chrome OS is not well suited for serious work

    - A significant heating of the upper-left corner of the panel

    - A minimum set of connectors, no USB 3.0

    - Fiddly top row of keys

    - The amount of local storage to 32 GB version

    - High cost

    Google Chromebook Pixel



    Screen size, inches


    Type of matrix


    Type of covering the screen


    Screen Resolution


    Touch-sensitive screen


    Processor Type

    Intel Core i5-3427U

    Frequency, GHz


    Pre-installed OS

    Chrome OS

    Mass, kg


    Dimensions in mm

    297,7 h224, 6h16, 2

    The amount of memory (Std / Max)


    Hard disk, GB

    32 (SSD)

    Optical drive


    Graphics card, memory

    Intel HD Graphics 4000

    External Ports

    2xUSB 2.0, Mini DisplayPort, headphone

    Expansion Slot


    Card reader




    Network Adapter


    56K modem










    Chromebook Pixel review


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