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Viewing a scenario summary Microsoft Excel 2007

    If you have multiple scenarios, it can be hard to switch back and forth between different scenarios and still understand which numbers are changing. To help you view the numbers that change in all your scenarios, you can create a sce­nario summary.

    A scenario summary displays your original data along with the data stored in each scenario in a table. By viewing a scenario summary, you can see how the values of your spreadsheet can change depending on the scenario, as shown in Figure 8-13.

    Viewing a scenario
summary Microsoft Excel 2007

    Figure 8-13:

    A scenario summary compares your original data with all the data from your scenarios in an easy to read chart.

    To create a scenario summary on a separate sheet in your workbook, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Data tab.

    2. Click the What-If Analysis icon in the Data Tools group.

    A pull-down menu appears.

    3. Choose Scenario Manager.

    The Scenario Manager dialog box appears.

    4. Click Summary.

    The Scenario Summary dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 8-14.

    5. Select the Scenario Summary radio button.

    6. Click in the Result Cells text box and then click in a cell that contains a formula that your scenario affects.

    Viewing a scenario
summary Microsoft Excel 2007

    Figure 8-14:

    Define the type of summary to create.

    7. Click OK.


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