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Using the Office Clipboard Microsoft Office 2007

    When you cut or copy any data, Windows stores it in a special part of memory called the Clipboard. This Windows Clipboard can only hold one item at a time, so Office 2007 comes with its own Clipboard called the Office Clipboard, which can store up to 24 items.

    Whereas the Windows Clipboard works with any Windows program (such as Microsoft Paint or WordPerfect), the Office Clipboard works only with Office 2007 programs (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook). To store data on the Office Clipboard, you just need to use the Cut or Copy command, and Office 2007 automatically stores your data on the Office Clipboard.

    The two big advantages of the Office Clipboard are

    You can store up to 24 items.

    The Windows Clipboard can store only one item.

    You can select what you want to paste from the Clipboard.

    The Windows Clipboard lets you paste only the last item cut or copied.

    Viewing and pasting items off the Office Clipboard

    After you use the Cut or Copy command at least once, your data gets stored on the Office Clipboard. You can then view the Office Clipboard and choose which data you want to paste from the Clipboard into your file.

    To view the Office Clipboard and paste items from it, follow these steps:

    1. Move the cursor to the spot where you want to paste an item from the Office Clipboard.

    2. Click the Office Clipboard icon.

    The Office Clipboard pane appears, as shown in Figure 2-8. The Office Clipboard also displays an icon that shows you the program where the data came from, such as Word or PowerPoint.

    3. Click the item you want to paste.

    Office 2007 pastes your chosen item into the file where you moved the cursor in Step 1.

    Using the Office
Clipboard Microsoft Office 2007

    Figure 2-8:

    The Office Clipboard pane lets you view the current contents of

    The Office


    4. Click the Close box of the Office Clipboard window to tuck it out of sight.

    If you click the Paste All button, you can paste every item on the Office Clipboard into your file.


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