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Using the Copy and Paste commands

    The Copy and Paste commands copy text or pictures from one location to another location. To use the Copy command, follow these steps:

    1. Select the text or objects you want to copy.

    2. Choose the Copy command by clicking the Copy icon or pressing Ctrl+C.

    Your selected item remains in its original location.

    3. Move the cursor where you want to place the text or objects you selected in Step 1.

    4. Choose the Paste command by clicking the Paste icon or pressing Ctrl+V.

    Office 2007 displays the copied items in the location you specified in Step 3.

    Using the Paste command with the Office Clipboard

    Each time you choose the Cut or Copy command, Office 2007 stores that selected data (text or pictures) on the Office Clipboard, which can hold up to 24 items. After you cut or copy items to the Office Clipboard, you can always retrieve them.

    If you turn off your computer or exit Office 2007, any items on the Office Clipboard are lost.

    To retrieve a cut or copied item from the Office Clipboard and paste it into a document, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Home tab.

    2. Click the Clipboard icon in the Clipboard group.

    3. Move the cursor to where you want to paste an item.

    4. Click an item displayed on the Office Clipboard.

    Office 2007 pastes your chosen item in your file.


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