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Using the AutoSum command Microsoft Excel 2007

    One of the most useful and commonly used command is the AutoSum com­mand. The AutoSum command uses the SUM function to add two or more cell references without making you type those cell references yourself. The most common use for the AutoSum function is to add a column or row of numbers.

    To add a column or row of numbers with the AutoSum function, follow these


    1. Create a column or row of numbers that you want to add.

    2. Click at the bottom of the column or the right of the row.

    3. Click the Formulas tab.

    4. Click the AutoSum icon in the Function Library group.

    Excel automatically creates a SUM function in the cell you chose in Step 2 and highlights all the cells where it will retrieve data to add, as shown in Figure 8-4. (If you accidentally click the downward-pointing arrow under the AutoSum icon, a pull-down menu appears. Just choose Sum.)

    5. Press Enter.

    Excel automatically sums all the cell references.

    Using the AutoSum
command Microsoft Excel 2007

    Figure 8-4:

    The AutoSum command automat­ically creates cell references for the SUM function.

    The AutoSum icon also appears on the Home tab in the Editing group.


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