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Using Live Preview Microsoft Office 2007

    In the past, you might have known what a particular command did, but you would never know how it would affect your file until after you chose that com­mand. Oftentimes, you might choose a command, see how it changed your file, and then undo the change because it may not be what you really wanted.

    To avoid this hassle of constant experimentation with different commands, Office 2007 offers a feature called Live Preview. Live Preview lets you move the mouse pointer over certain icons displayed in a tab and then immediately see the changes displayed in your current file.

    To use Live Preview, follow these steps:

    1. Move the cursor (or click the mouse) on an object (text, picture, table, and so on) that you want to change.

    2. Move the mouse pointer over any command.

    Office 2007 shows you how your chosen object will look if you choose the command, as shown in Figure 1-14.

    Using Live Preview
Microsoft Office 2007

    Figure 1-14:


    Preview lets you see how a particular command could change your file.

    3. Click the command to change your object (or move the mouse pointer away from the command so you don't choose that command).

    In Word, Live Preview will not work if you display your document in Draft view.


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