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Text transitions Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

    Besides animating how your slides appear and disappear, you can also add transitions to your text boxes or graphics so they fly or drop into place across a slide.

    Use text transitions sparingly because the transitions can get distracting when people just want to read your presentation without having to watch letters zoom around the screen.

    To create a simple text transition, follow these steps:

    1. Click a text box or picture on a slide.

    PowerPoint displays handles around your chosen item.

    2. Click the Animations tab.

    3. Click the Animate list box in the Animations group.

    A list of different animation schemes appears, as shown in Figure 12-4.

    Text transitions Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

    Figure 12-4:

    The Animate list box displays ways to animate your text.

    4. Click an animation, such as Fly In or Wipe.

    PowerPoint animates your text so you can see how it looks.

    Adding Hyperlinks

    For greater flexibility in presenting information, PowerPoint lets you add hyperlinks to your slides. Hyperlinks let you open a Web page (provided you have an Internet connection), a file (such as a Word document), another slide in your current presentation, or a program. By adding hyperlinks to your slides, you can display additional information or display slides out of order.


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