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Sorting a Database Microsoft Access 2007

    Sorting simply rearranges how Access displays your information. Sorting can be especially handy for rearranging your records alphabetically by last name, by state, or by country. You can also sort data numerically so that customers who buy the most from you appear at the top of your database table while customers who don't buy as much appear near the bottom.

    To sort a database table, follow these steps:

    1. In the All Tables pane on the left of the screen, double-click the name of the database table you want to sort.

    Access displays the Datasheet view of your database.

    2. Click the Home tab.

    3. Click in a field (column) that you want to use for sorting.

    4. Click the Ascending or Descending icon in the Sort & Filter group.

    Access sorts your records and displays an Ascending or Descending icon in the field name so you know you're looking at a sorted list, as shown in Figure 17-7.

    5. Click the Clear All Sorts icon in the Sort & Filter group when you don't want to view your sorted database table any more.

    Sorting a Database Microsoft
Access 2007

    Figure 17-7:

    The Ascending and

    Descending icons let you sort a data­base table by a specific field.


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