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Selecting data with the keyboard Microsoft Office 2007

    To select data with the keyboard, you need to use the following keys:

    The cursor movement keys (up/down/left/right arrow keys,

    Home/End keys, or Page Up/Page Down keys)

    The Shift key

    Selecting data
with the keyboard Microsoft Office 2007

    Figure 2-3:

    To select text, you can either double - or

    Triple-click it.

    The cursor movement keys simply move the cursor. The Shift key acts like the left mouse button and tells Office 2007 what to select. To select data, you have to follow these steps:

    1. Move the cursor to the beginning or end of the data you want to select.

    2. Hold down the Shift key. (Keep it pressed down.)

    3. Move the cursor using any of the cursor movement keys, such as the up-arrow key or the End key.

    4. Release the Shift key.

    You may find it easier to place the cursor with the mouse and then hold down the Shift key while pressing a cursor movement key to select data more pre­cisely than you can by dragging the mouse.

    To select all the data in a file, press Ctrl+A.

    Selecting multiple chunks of data with the mouse and keyboard

    For greater flexibility in selecting data, you can use both the mouse and the keyboard to select multiple chunks of data at the same time. To select two or more chunks of data, follow these steps:

    1. Select a picture or chunk of text using either the keyboard or the mouse.

    2. Hold down the Ctrl key.

    3. Select another picture or chunk of test using either the keyboard or the mouse.

    4. Repeat Step 3 for each additional item you want to select.

    5. Release the Ctrl key when you're done selecting data.


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