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Searching in the Help Window Microsoft Office 2007

    Rather than browse through one or more subcategories to find help, you might want to search for help by typing in one or more keywords. Such key­words can identify a specific topic such as Printing or Editing charts.

    If you misspell a topic, the Help system may not understand what you want to find, so check your spelling.

    To search the Help window by typing in a keyword or two, follow these steps:

    1. Choose one of the following methods to display the Help window (refer to Figure 3-1):

    Click the Help icon.

    Press F1.

    2. Click in the Search list box and type one or more keywords, such as

    Formatting or Aligning text.

    3. Click Search.

    The Help window displays a list of topics, as shown in Figure 3-3.

    4. Click a Help topic.

    The Help window displays step-by-step instructions for your chosen topic.

    5. Click the Close box when you're done to make the Help window go away.

    Searching in the
Help Window Microsoft Office 2007

    Figure 3-3:

    Keywords let you view a list of related topics right away.

    Making the Help Window Easier to Read

    One problem with the Help window is that it may appear too small to read

    Comfortably. To get around this problem, you have two choices:


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