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Searching for formulas Microsoft Office 2007

    Formulas appear just like numbers; to help you find which cells contain for­mulas, Excel gives you two choices:

    Display formulas in your cells (instead of numbers) Highlight the cells that contain formulas

    To display formulas in a spreadsheet, press Ctrl+V (an accent grave character, which appears on the same key as the ~ sign and often appears to the left of the number 1 key near the top of a keyboard). Figure 7-16 shows what a spreadsheet looks like when formulas appear inside of cells.

    Searching for
formulas Microsoft Office 2007

    Figure 7-16:

    By display­ing formulas

    In cells, you can identify which cells display calculations.

    To highlight all cells that contain formulas, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Home tab.

    2. Click the Find & Select icon in the Editing group.

    A pull-down menu appears.

    3. Click Formulas.

    Excel highlights all the cells that contain formulas.

    Editing a Spreadsheet

    The two ways to edit a spreadsheet are

    Edit the data itself, such as the labels, numbers, and formulas that make up a spreadsheet.

    Edit the physical layout of the spreadsheet, such as adding or deleting rows and columns, or widening or shrinking the width or heights of rows and columns.


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