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Searching Contact Information Microsoft Outlook 2007

    After you store names, you may have another problem. How do you find a name without browsing through your entire contact list one by one? Fortunately, you can search your list of contacts by name, by either typing the complete name or part of the name.

    To search your list of contacts in Outlook, follow these steps:

    1. Choose GoOContacts.

    2. Click in the Search Contacts list box, as shown in Figure 14-2.

    Searching Contact Information Microsoft Outlook 2007

    Figure 14-2:

    The Find a Contact window lets you type in all or part of a name you want to find.

    3. Type all or part of a name.

    Type only as many letters in a person's name as you know because if you misspell a name, Outlook won't find it. The more letters you type, the faster Outlook can search and the more likely it will find the name you want.

    4. Press Enter when you've typed as much of the correct spelling of a name as you can.

    Outlook displays only those names that match the text you typed in Step 3.

    5. Click the name you want and then click OK.

    Outlook displays your chosen name in the Contact window.


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