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Scheduling Your Time Microsoft Outlook 2007

    How you spend your time directly determines the quality of your life. To help you spend your time wisely (or at least spend it on the tasks you want to accomplish first, whether it's wise to do so or not), you can use Outlook as your electronic Day-Timer. The key to scheduling your time is to first put down all the tasks that are most important to you, and then fill in the gaps with the less-important tasks (like the stuff you're supposed to be doing at work). In this way, you can always be sure that you set aside time for your crucial tasks first.

    Setting Appointments

    If you're not careful, you can overload yourself with so many appointments that you never have time to do any work, which may not be so bad if you don't like your job anyway. So to help you sort out your appointments and keep them handy, Outlook keeps track of your busy and free time.

    Making a new appointment

    Outlook lets you schedule appointments for tomorrow or (if you prefer the long view) decades in advance. To make an appointment in Outlook, follow these steps:

    1. Choose Go Scheduling Your
Time Microsoft Outlook 2007 Calendar (or press Ctrl+2, or click the Calendar button).


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