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Resizing fields Microsoft Access 2007

    When the Report Wizard creates a report, it doesn't always leave enough room to display your actual data. If a field is too small, Access may display data as a series of x's, such as xxxxx.

    If this occurs, resize a field to make it wider. (If your data turns out to be smaller than the field, you may need to shrink the field.) To resize a field, follow these steps:

    1. Display your report in Design view by following Steps 1-4 in the pre­ceding section, "Editing a Report."

    2. Click the field you want to resize.

    Access highlights your chosen field and its identifying label, as shown in Figure 18-15.

    3. Move the mouse pointer over the left or right edge of the field until the mouse pointer turns into a two-way pointing arrow.

    4. Drag the mouse to resize and expand or shrink the field.

    Resizing fields Microsoft
Access 2007

    Figure 18-15:

    To resize a field, click on that field and then drag the side of the

    Field left

    Or right.

    5. Click the downward-pointing arrow under the View icon in the Views group.

    A pull-down menu appears.

    6. Click Report View.

    Access displays your report with your modified field size.


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