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Picking a table style Microsoft Office 2007

    By coloring rows or columns and adding borders, you can customize the appearance of your tables. However, for a faster method, you can just use a predesigned table style instead, which can automatically format your text, color rows, and add borders to your tables.

    To choose a table style, follow these steps:

    1. Move the cursor inside the table you want to modify.

    2. Click the Design contextual tools tab.

    3. (Optional) Click or clear check boxes under the Table Style Options group, such as the Header Row or Last Column check box.

    4. Click the More button on the Table Styles group.

    A pull-down menu of all available styles appears, as shown in Figure 6-15. As you move the mouse pointer over a table style, Word displays a live preview of how your table will look.

    Picking a table style Microsoft Office 2007

    Figure 6-15:

    The Table Styles group displays different ways to format your


    5. Click a table style.

    Word formats your table according to the style you chose.

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