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Opening a File (Ctrl+O)

    Generally, you'll spend more time working with existing files than creating new ones. Here are two shortcuts to open an existing file:

    Use the Recent Documents pane from the Office Button. Press Ctrl+O.

    The first shortcut appears in the Recent Documents pane from the Office Button. Each Office 2007 program keeps track of the last files you opened, so if you want to open one again, you can just click that filename.

    To use the Recent Documents pane, follow these steps:

    1. Load an Office 2007 program, such as Word or Excel.

    2. Click the Office Button.

    A pull-down menu appears and displays the list of Recent Documents.

    3. Click a filename in the Recent Documents pane.

    Your chosen file appears, ready for you to view and edit.

    A second way to open a file quickly is to press Ctrl+O. This immediately dis­plays an Open dialog box so you can click the file you want to open.


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