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Giving commands to Office 2007

    To give a command to Office 2007, you need to follow these basic steps:

    1. Select an item (text, picture, table, and so on) that you want to modify.

    2. Click a tab that contains the command you want.

    3. Click the command you want to use.

    Command icons work in one of three ways, as shown in Figure 1-15:

    Clickable icons: Clicking an icon immediately chooses a command to alter your data. The Bold and Italic icons are examples of icons that you click only once to choose them.

    List box icons: Some icons display a downward-pointing arrow to the right. Clicking these icons displays a list of additional options. The Font and Font Size icons are examples of list box icons.

    Gallery icons: Some icons display a downward-pointing arrow that dis­plays a drop-down list of additional commands, called a gallery.

    Giving commands to
Office 2007

    Figure 1-15:

    Commands appear as icons, list boxes, or galleries.


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