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Filtering a field Microsoft Access 2007

    Filtering can tell Access to only display data that meets certain criteria, such as a fixed amount. For example, if you have a report that lists all the sales of products, you could filter your report to show only those products that sold over a fixed amount, such as $1,000.

    To filter data in a field, follow these steps:

    1. Switch to the Layout view of your report by following Steps 1-3 in the previous section "Manipulating the Data in a Report."

    2. Right-click in the column (field) that you want to filter.

    Access highlights your chosen column and displays a pop-up menu (refer to Figure 18-11).

    3. Click Filters.

    Depending on the type of data your column contains, the Filter com­mand may appear as Text Filters or Number Filters.

    A submenu appears, as shown in Figure 18-12.

    4. Click a filter criteria, such as Equals or Less Than.

    Filtering a field Microsoft
Access 2007

    Figure 18-12:

    The Filters command displays a submenu of different criteria you can choose.

    Depending on the criteria you choose, a Custom Filter dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 18-13.

    Filtering a field Microsoft
Access 2007

    Figure 18-13:

    Define your filter criteria.

    5. Type your criteria in the Custom Filter dialog box and then click OK.

    Access applies your filter to your report.

    You can always turn off your filter by clicking the Home tab and then clicking the Toggle Filter icon in the Sort & Filter group.

    Editing a Report

    After you create a report, you may want to modify it later to expand the space used to display data or eliminate fields altogether.

    To edit a report, you must switch to the Design view of your report. After you view the report in Design view, you can modify your report. To switch to the Design view of a report, follow these steps:

    1. Make sure your desired report appears on the screen. (Follow Steps 1-3 in the earlier section, "Viewing and Printing a Report.")

    2. Click the Home tab.

    3. Click the downward-pointing arrow underneath the View icon that appears in the Views group.

    A pull-down menu appears.

    4. Choose Design View.

    Access displays your report in Design view, as shown in Figure 18-14. At this point, you can move, resize, add, or delete fields on your report. Text that appears in bold are labels that print identifying labeling text, such as First Name or Sales Region. Text that appears in normal type face (not in bold) represents fields that display data when you view your report.

    Filtering a field Microsoft
Access 2007

    Figure 18-14:

    The Design view of a report shows you the layout of the fields that appear on a report.


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