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Exiting Office 2007

    No matter how much you may love using Office 2007, eventually there will come a time when you need to exit an Office 2007 program and do something else with your life. To exit from any Office 2007 program (except Outlook), choose one of the following:

    Click the Close box in the upper-right corner of the Office 2007 window. Click the Office Button and then click the Exit button (refer to Figure 1-3). Press Alt+F4.

    If you try to close an Office 2007 program before saving your file, a dialog box pops up to give you a chance to save your file. If you don't save your file before exiting, you'll lose any changes you made to that file.

    To exit Microsoft Outlook, just choose File->Exit.

    Editing Data

    Although you create a file only once, you can edit it many times. Editing can add, rearrange, or delete data, such as text, numbers, or pictures. All Office 2007 programs work in similar ways to edit data, so whether you use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access, you'll know the right commands to edit data no matter which program you may be using.

    Whenever you edit a file, save your file periodically by clicking the Save icon in the Quick Access toolbar, pressing Ctrl+S, or clicking the Office Button and choosing Save. That way if your computer crashes or the power goes out, you won't lose all the editing changes you made.


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