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Editing a task Microsoft Outlook 2007

    After you create a task, you can edit it later to set a reminder or track how much of the task you've completed. To edit a task, follow these steps:

    1. Choose Go Editing a task Microsoft Outlook

    2. Choose View Editing a task Microsoft Outlook
2007Current ViewOSimple List. Outlook displays a list of your tasks.

    3. Double-click a task (or click on a task and press Ctrl+O). A task window appears (refer to Figure 14-8).

    4. Choose one or more of the following:

    Click the Status list box and choose a status for your task, such as

    In Progress, Completed, or Waiting on Someone Else. A task's status shows you how each task is progressing (or not progressing); this feature helps you manage time more effectively.

    Click the Priority list box and choose Low, Normal, or High. When cat­egorizing tasks by priority, you can identify the ones that really need to get done and the ones that you can safely ignore and hope they go away.

    Click the % Complete list box to specify how much of the task you've already completed.

    Select the Reminder check box and specify a date and time for Outlook to remind you of this particular task. If you click the Alarm button (it looks like a megaphone), you can specify a unique sound that Outlook plays to remind you of your task.

    Type your task in more detail in the big text box at the bottom of the task window.

    5. Click the Save & Close icon in the Actions group.


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