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Editing a recurring appointment Microsoft Outlook 2007

    If you want to edit a recurring appointment, you have two choices. First, you can edit just a single instance of a recurring appointment. When you edit a single occurrence of a recurring appointment, any future occurrences of that same appointment remain unchanged.

    If you edit the series of recurring appointments, all future occurrences of that appointment will reflect your changes. To edit a recurring appointment, follow these steps:

    1. Choose Go Editing a recurring appointment Microsoft Outlook 2007Calendar.

    Outlook displays calendar view.

    2. Click the Day, Week, or Month tab.

    3. Double-click the recurring appointment that you want to edit.

    The Open Recurring Item dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 15-6.

    Editing a recurring appointment Microsoft Outlook 2007

    Figure 15-6:

    Edit just this occurrence or the entire series.

    4. Select one of the following radio buttons and then click OK to view the Appointment window:

    Open This Occurrence

    Open the Series

    5. Make any changes to your appointment and then click the Save & Close icon in the Actions group when you're done.

    If you click the Recurrence button, Outlook displays the Appointment Recurrence dialog box (refer to Figure 15-5). If you click the Remove Recurrence button, you can stop your appointment from recurring on a regular basis.


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