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Editing a form Microsoft Access 2007

    A form can be a convenient way to view all the fields of a single record. However, you can always rearrange the position of certain fields onscreen (to make them easier to find), or you can delete one or more fields altogether. This can be handy to create a form that shows only a filtered view of your data, such as a form that shows you only employee names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses rather than also showing you their salary and employee ID number at the same time.

    Deleting a field

    If you delete a field from a form, you simply prevent the form from displaying any data stored in that field. For example, if you don't want to see each person's hire date, you can delete the Hire Date field from your form.

    Deleting a field on a form doesn't erase any data; it just keeps you from seeing that data on a particular form.

    To delete a field from a form, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Office Button and then choose Open.

    The Open dialog box appears.

    2. Click the Access database file you want to add or edit data. Then click Open.

    Access displays your chosen database.

    3. In the All Tables pane on the left of the screen, double-click the name of the form you want to use.

    Access displays the Form view of your database.

    4. Click the Home tab.

    5. Click the downward-pointing arrow underneath the View icon in the Views group.

    A pull-down menu appears.

    6. Choose Design View.

    Access shows your chosen form in Design view, which displays a back­ground grid to help you align fields on your form.

    7. Click a field you want to delete.

    Access highlights your chosen field.

    8. Click the Delete icon in the Records group.

    Access deletes your chosen field.

    If you press Ctrl+Z right away, you can undelete any field that you just deleted.

    9. Click the downward-pointing arrow underneath the View icon in the Views group.

    A pull-down menu appears. 10. Choose Form View.

    Access shows your form with the deleted field missing.


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