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Editing a Chart Microsoft Excel 2007

    After you create a chart, you may want to edit it. Editing a chart can mean moving it to a new location, changing the data source (the numbers that Excel uses to create the chart), modifying parts of the chart itself (such as switching to a different chart type), or editing text (such as the chart title or legend).

    Moving a chart on a Worksheet

    When you create a chart, Excel plops it right on your displayed spreadsheet, which may not be exactly where you want it to appear. Excel gives you the option of moving a chart to a different place on the current worksheet page or on a different worksheet page altogether.

    To move a chart to a different location on the same worksheet, follow these steps:

    1. Move the mouse pointer over the border of the chart until the mouse pointer turns into a four-way pointing arrow.

    2. Hold down the left mouse button and drag (move) the mouse.

    The chart moves with the mouse.

    3. Move the chart where you want it to appear and release the left mouse button.


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