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Deleting a chart Microsoft Excel 2007

    Charts may be nice to look at, but eventually you may want to delete them. To delete a chart, follow these steps:

    1. Click the chart you want to delete.

    2. Press Delete.

    You can also right-click a chart; then, when the pop-up menu appears, choose Cut.

    Organizing Lists in Pivot Tables

    Ordinary spreadsheets let you compare two sets of data such as sales versus time or products sold versus the salesperson who sold them. Unfortunately, if you want to know how many products each salesperson

    Sold in a certain month, deciphering this information from a spreadsheet may not be easy.

    That's where pivot tables come in. A pivot table lets you yank data from your spreadsheet and organize it in different ways in a table. By rearranging (or "pivoting") your data from a row to a column (and vice versa), pivot tables can help you spot trends that may not be easily identified trapped within the confines of an ordinary spreadsheet.


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