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Defining a recurring appointment Microsoft Outlook 2007

    A recurring appointment occurs regularly such as every day, week, month, or year (such as going to lunch with the boss on the first Monday of the month). Instead of typing in recurring appointments again and again, you can enter them once and then define how often they occur. Outlook automatically schedules those appointments unless you specifically tell it otherwise.

    To create a recurring appointment, follow these steps:

    1. Follow Steps 1-9 in the earlier section, "Making a new appointment."

    2. Click the Recurrence button.

    The Appointment Recurrence dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 15-5.

    Defining a recurring appointment Microsoft Outlook 2007

    Figure 15-5:


    Appointment Recurrence dialog box lets you

    Define how often your appointment occurs.

    3. Click in the Start list box in the Appointment Time group and choose a start time.

    4. Choose one of the following:

    Click in the End list box and choose an ending time.

    Click in the Duration list box and choose the length of time, such as 2 hours.

    5. Select a radio button in the Recurrence Pattern group, such as the Daily or Weekly radio button.

    6. Click in the Start list box in the Range of Recurrence group and choose a date when your recurring appointment begins.

    7. Choose one of the following radio buttons:

    No End Date: The recurring appointment will appear on your calen­dar forever.

    End After: This lets you type how many times the appointment occurs, such as 10.

    End By: This lets you choose a specific date to stop the appoint­ment from occurring.

    8. Click OK.

    9. Click the Save & Close icon in the Actions group.


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