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Deciphering Ribbon icons Microsoft Office 2007

    The main idea behind organizing commands within tabs is to avoid over­whelming you with a barrage of different commands. Although most icons include a short text description, you can get additional help deciphering dif­ferent icons through ScreenTips, which typically displays the following, as shown in Figure 1-13:

    The official name of the command (which is Format Painter in Figure 1-13)

    The equivalent keystroke shortcut you can use to run the command (which is Ctrl+Shift+C in the figure)

    A short explanation of what the command does

    Deciphering Ribbon
icons Microsoft Office 2007

    Figure 1-13:

    ScreenTips explain what each command does.

    To view the ScreenTip for a command, move the mouse pointer over a com­mand and wait a few seconds for the ScreenTip appear.

    Shortcut keystrokes let you choose a command from the keyboard without the hassle of clicking a tab and then clicking the command buried inside that tab. Most shortcut keystrokes consist of two or three keys, such as Ctrl+P or Ctrl+Shift+C.


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