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Creating hyperlinks to external files Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

    You may have data stored in another file that you want to include in your PowerPoint presentation. Rather than copy the data and paste it in your pre­sentation, it may be easier just to display the file itself. That way you can update the file, and PowerPoint will always link to the updated file.

    When you create a hyperlink to a file, PowerPoint opens that file by loading the program that created it. For example, if you want to view a Microsoft Word file, make sure you have a copy of Microsoft Word installed on your computer.

    To create a hyperlink that opens an external file, follow these steps:

    1. Highlight the text in a title or subtitle text box that you want to turn into an external file hyperlink.

    2. Click the Insert tab.

    3. Click the Hyperlink icon in the Links group.

    The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears (refer to Figure 12-5).

    4. Click in the Look In list box and choose a drive and folder that holds the file you want to use.

    You may need to click through several folders to find the file you want.

    5. Click the file you want to use and then click OK.

    If you're viewing your presentation on Windows Vista, a dialog box appears, warning you that opening a file may be unsafe. This is to protect you from opening up a file that may contain a virus or Trojan Horse.


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