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Coloring all or part of a table Microsoft Office 2007

    Colors can make the text inside rows and columns easier to read, such as col­oring every other row. To color all or part of a table, follow these steps:

    1. Select a table, row, column, or cell that you want to modify by follow­ing the steps in the earlier section, "Selecting all or part of a table."

    Word highlights your chosen table, row, column, or cell.

    2. Click the Design contextual tools tab that appears under the Table Tools tab.

    3. Click Shading.

    A color palette appears, as shown in Figure 6-11.

    Coloring all or part of a table Microsoft Office 2007

    Figure 6-11:

    The Shading command displays a color palette.

    4. Move the mouse pointer over a color.

    Word automatically displays your chosen color in the selected part of your table. Each time you point to a different color, Word displays a dif­ferent color in the table.

    5. Click a color in the palette when you're happy with a particular color.


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