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Clearing a filter Microsoft Access 2007

    When you apply a filter to a database table, you see only those records that-match that filter. Access displays a Filtered message at the bottom of the screen to let you know when you're looking at a filtered database table.

    To remove a filter so you can see all the records, choose one of the following:

    Click the Toggle Filter icon in the Sort & Filter group.

    Click the Filtered or Unfiltered button on the status bar near the bottom of the screen.

    Access temporarily turns off any filters so you can see all the information stored in your database table.

    When you choose the Save command (Ctrl+S) to save a database table, Access also saves your last filter. The next time you open that database table, you'll be able to use the last filter you created. If you want to save multiple filters, you'll have to save them as a query (see the section "Querying a Database" later in this chapter).


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