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Choosing a gradient background Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

    A gradient displays one color that gradually fades into another color, such as green to orange. To define a gradient, you can define one or more stops, transparency, and the gradient direction. Stops define where the colors in the gradient start and end. Transparency defines how opaque a color appears. The gradient direction defines how the gradient appears, such as vertically or diagonally.

    To define a gradient background, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Design tab.

    2. Click the Background Styles icon in the Background group.

    A pull-down menu appears (refer to Figure 11-4).

    3. Click Format Background near the bottom of the menu.

    The Format Background dialog box appears (refer to Figure 11-5).

    4. Select the Gradient Fill radio button.

    The Format Background dialog box displays additional options for defin­ing a gradient, as shown in Figure 11-7.

    If you click the Preset Colors icon, you can choose from a variety of pre­defined gradients.

    5. Click in the Stop list box under Gradient Stops and choose Stop 1.

    6. Click the Color icon.

    A color palette appears.

    7. Click on a color.

    PowerPoint displays your chosen color as a gradient on the current slide.

    8. Drag the Stop Position slider left or right.

    The far left and far right positions of the stop position slider define where the gradient begins and ends on the slide.

    9. Drag the Transparency slider left or right.

    The far left position (0%) displays your chosen color in full strength, and the far right position (100%) displays your chosen color to the point where it disappears from view completely (100% transparency).

    Choosing a
gradient background Microsoft PowerPoint

    Figure 11-7:

    The gradient options displayed in

    The Format Background

    Dialog box.

    10. Click in the Type list box above the Gradient Direction group and choose an option, such as Radial or Linear.

    12. Repeat Steps 5-8 to define the position of Stop 2.

    13. (Optional) Click Apply to All if you want to apply your gradient to apply to every slide in your presentation.

    If you don't click the Apply to All button, PowerPoint displays only the background of the currently selected slide.

    14. Click Close.


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