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Checking Your Spelling (F7)

    Before you allow anyone to see your file, run a spell checker first. Just press F7, and Office 2007 diligently checks the spelling of your text. When the spell checker finds a suspicious word, it displays a dialog box, as shown in Figure 20-1, that lets you choose a correct spelling, ignore the currently highlighted word, or store the highlighted word in the Office 2007 dictionary so it won't flag that word as misspelled again.

    Spell checkers are handy and useful, but they can be fooled easily. You might spell a word correctly (such as their) but use that word incorrectly, such as You knead two move over their. Spell-checking won't always recognize gram­matical errors, so you still need to proof your file manually just to make sure you don't have any misspelled words in your file.

    Checking Your Spelling (F7)

    Figure 20-1:

    Correct misspellings or choose from a list of alternative spellings.

    If you don't want Office 2007 to spell-check your entire file, just highlight the text you want to spell-check and then press F7.


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