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As an Outlook file Microsoft Outlook 2007

    The vCard format is a standard for storing names and addresses, which many personal information-organizing programs can import. If you need to share your Outlook data with someone who isn't using Outlook, you need to store and share your data as a vCard.

    If you're sharing information with someone who also uses Outlook, you can store your data as an Outlook file. Whichever format you choose (vCard or Outlook format), you can then e-mail the contact information to someone else.

    To share contact information, follow these steps:

    1. Choose Go As an Outlook file Microsoft Outlook

    2. Click the contact you want to share.

    3. Choose Actions As an Outlook file Microsoft Outlook
2007Send Full Contact. A pop-up menu appears.

    4. Choose either In vCard Format or In Outlook Format. An e-mail window appears.

    5. Click in the To text box and type an e-mail address.

    6. Click Send.

    Outlook sends your contact information to your chosen recipient.

    Defining Tasks

    To help you stay focused on the important tasks you need to accomplish for each day, Outlook lets you create a to-do list. By using this list, you can see what you need to do (and get a sense of accomplishment when you can cross it off your list).


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