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GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review


    MothErboard Review GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    The official announcement of processors Intel Haswell (LGA1150) provoked the appearance on the market of motherboards based on chipset Intel Z87 Express. This chipset is used for the production of medium-and high-level categorical decisions. We are continuing familiarity with the best representatives of the family, and today we consider a fee GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5.

    Ruler G1.Killer Well known to users watching over an overview of current components - in GIGABYTE have released several versions of the cards on different sets of system logic. Completed in aggressive green and black colors, with elements of military-style these boards stand out thanks to several exclusive technologies, but for various reasons, received mixed reviews. Haswell announcement prompted the manufacturer to develop a promising line.

    Packaging, delivery

    The product in question comes in the outer container formed in the typical black.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    But to look at the board, this time to get it out of the box - a transparent insert, along with a folding wall are not provided.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    On the back of the detailed elements and technologies that can boast G1 .Sniper 5. This time, in addition to traditional marketing aspects are several truly new "chips", atypical even for ultratopovyh motherboards.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    Another confirmation of the level of the product inside the box is an impressive package. It includes:

    - Manual (3 pcs.) And CDs with the software;

    - Wireless module with WiFi / Bluetooth-antenna;

    - Digital audio amplifier chip and a device for removing it;

    - 3-Way and 4-Way SLI-bridge;

    - CrossFireX-bridges (2 pcs.)

    - 3.5-inch panel with outside ports USB 3.0;

    - Cap for the rear panel;

    - Six SATA-cables;

    - Additional internal USB-cable

    Frankly, is impressive. Today, this is rarely seen even in the kit expensive motherboards. Moreover, the availability of individual components (eg, the same chip audio amplifier) can put unprepared buyer to a standstill. We will return to the practical study of the elements of delivery G1 .Sniper 5, but for now pass to the study board.

    Design and layout features

    Motherboard GIGABYTE G1 .Sniper 5 is made on the spot market ATX-format specific to the device manufacturer's colors of black, dilute acid-green main connectors and decorative inserts JI. On the radiator Southbridge stamped stylized logo line G1 .Killer, hinting at a predominantly gamer destination device.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    The power subsystem boards closed powerful radiator, neighboring the cooler and the PLX bridge chip.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    In addition to typical styling and decorative inserts, this design boasts a 40-mm fan, which increases the efficiency of the heat sink. Moreover, the radiator is made of the power VRM combined and easily connected to the loop liquid cooling system.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    Food processor provides an eight PWM controller IR3563B. Power inductors and capacitors are at a sufficient distance from the connector and will not interfere even for exclusive coolers.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    The DAM G1 .Sniper 5 wired buttons Power, Reset, reset the CMOS and POST-indicator. These seemingly trivial elements first appeared on the representative of such an impressive family - previously the company's engineers believed that gamers like to anything.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    Next to the RAM slots are two operating mode selector circuits UEFI.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    On the back cover of the following connectors: PS / 2, two USB 2.0, six USB 3.0, a pair of RJ45, HDMI, and two full-size DisplayPort. There are five slots audiodzhek, as well as optical and coaxial S / PDIF. All connectors have a "gold-plated" contacts.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    The PCB ten SATA 6 Gb / s six forces of the south bridge and four - Controller Marvell 88SE9230. Near them is a connector for additional power.

    Network interface G1 .Sniper 5 shows the two ports. First implemented on the chip Atheros Killer E2201 (widely publicized networking platform Bigfoot Killer), the second - the codec from Intel. Since the chip is different, Teaming function is not supported.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    This motherboard contains four full-height PCI-E x16. Between them, separated three PCI-E x1, one of which is occupied daughterboard wireless.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    Complete module supports standard WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.

    Switching of the graphic interface implemented by the chip PLX PEX8747, located above the top PCI-Express slot and closed the decorative radiator. G1 .Sniper 5 supports four graphics cards in packs Quad-SLI and CrossFireX, although they will not operate at full speed mode.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    Next, perhaps, the fun begins. Let's start with the fact that on this board there was an illuminated track RSV. Such a solution might be found exclusively on the Hi-End cards ASUS, and now it is come to ultratopa by GIGABYTE. The manufacturer calls it Audio Noise Guard and argues that this decision increases the noise immunity of audio, even though it seems to us that its function is purely decorative.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    Sound section of the model - a real masterpiece, the pride of engineering. One based on the chip Creative Sound Core 3D with support for Sound Blaster Recon3Di, it is combined with a signal amplifier OP AMP for subsequent output to headphones and even small passive speakers.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    Moreover, G1 .Sniper 5 chip audio amplifier can be changed depending on the preference of the user. Normally board comes with a chip OPA2134, which, if desired, a special tool is removed, and the vacant seat is complete LM4562NA. List of interchangeable Hi-Fi-amplifiers and their characteristics according to the vision GIGABYTE tabulated.


    Model DU

    In the path of the sound Gl. Sniper 5 by the GIGABYTE

    Burr-Brown (BB)


    Neutral sound, the base OS for the major genres of music

    Burr-Brown (BB)


    Sounds about as LM4562NA

    Texas Instruments (TI)


    Clean, bright and soft sound, perfect for pop music and orchestral ideas

    Linear Technology (LT)


    Ideal for vocal

    Analog Devices (AD)


    A clear and separate audio for multi-party

    Summarizing the interim results, it is worth noting a significant boost G1 .Sniper 5 compared to its predecessors. The number of innovations adopted by the arms, really impressive.


    UEFI shell modern motherboards GIGABYTE has also undergone some changes. Traditional 3D-BIOS further visualized and executed in Windows-based style.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    This skin is very attractive and will please beginners, but meets an abundance of user system settings that are not recommended to change thoughtlessly. If desired, you can switch to the classic version of the BIOS version


    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    Below is a running line with the tips of key combinations to perform certain tasks.

    The parameters responsible for the operation modes of components and overclocking PC, habitually gathered in the MB Intelligent Tweaker (MIT), he also - Performance in the new variation:

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    The board allows to manage a vast number of parameters in a fairly wide range. For the RAM can be installed divisors of 800 to 2933 MHz. Only for the truly extreme overclocking it will not work, since the upper limit of the control voltage of the CPU is "only" 1.8 V. Features firmware motherboard does not differ from the permissions on the solutions we considered GIGABYTE. It should only remember that the tab MIT has received a more meaningful name - Performance, and meets user base frequency settings of the system. When activated, the installation are available for each individual component - RAM, system voltage monitoring submenu, the current settings for the CPU and memory.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    The changes did not affect the tab System (data card, the system time), BIOS Features (boot loader configuration UEFI), Peripherals (activation controllers and change the parameters of the interface), and Power Management (management of energy-saving profile) - a conventional sections UEFI GIGABYTE in the new "clothes. "

    The test results

    Note to GIGABYTE updated staffing software, designed to work with the board. If earlier it was presented disparate utilities, this is now - a complex of APP Centre / EasyTune.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    Appointment System Information section intuitive, Smart QuickBoost allows even novice users to significantly increase system performance.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    For our test processor three options avtorazgona - OC Light (4,0 GHz), OC Medium (4,2 GHz), OC Extreme (4,4 GHz). Advanced Settings section allows you to configure the system much more seriously.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    In addition, the complex Easy Tune allows you to manage your energy efficiency of the system and the fan speed.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    For the connection of the latter, by the way, are soldered to the PCB for nine connectors. Seven of them are manageable through the software or from the UEFI.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    In the process of studying the overclocking abilities board checked the work of reference divider and DRAM. K-series processors can be overclocked as a factor (the easiest option), and through the BCLK, which is without the use of divisors on the board rises up to 107.2 MHz.

    Maximum, we managed to test force CPU - 4,6 GHz - is the limit of using a good cooling air subject comfort temperature of the system. On-chip voltage was increased to 1.35 V. In this case, to deal with heat, mounted on the cooler Scythe MUGEN 3 fan rotates at a speed of 3000 rev / min.

    GIGABYTE Gl. Sniper 5 review

    In operation, the radiator power subsystem not heated above 37 ° C, the temperature in the room at the same time was a mark of 27 ° C. The regular 40-mm fan is almost inaudible, even against the quiet chassis. However, all of this - quite trivial things. What we are truly interested in - so this job board audio path to the external load. In this regard, G1 .Sniper 5 did not disappoint: using high quality headphones, music can really enjoy. The sound is crisp, clear, without audible response failures. Character of the sound by replacing the

    Amplifier only slightly changes the hue for a more precise qualification, you must have the full range of compatible chips and careful listening. It is possible that the alleged difference in the sound is determined by a standard set of LRC-chains, and at least in theory, chips are analogous, in practice, for maximum fidelity sound require adjustment of resistive and capacitive parameters according to the parameters specified in the specifications of the manufacturers.

    As a bonus, we conducted another unscientific experiment: complete amplifiers turned on forces to "pump" the speakers on the base 0.5-watt 16-ohm speakers (though hardly anyone would use the opportunities inherent in the fee GIGABYTE, so.)

    The results

    Motherboard G1 .Killer line with the appearance of a range of GIGABYTE received very mixed reviews. On the one hand, they were superbly executed and impressive in terms of design, using promising networking platform and high-quality audio subsystem. However, these models essentially no controls PC and POST-indicator, and the cost when compared to competing solutions functionality provided above the clouds. However, - all in the past. GIGABYTE G1.Sniper 5 turned out to be extremely successful and combines serious work on previous shortcomings along with the desire to create something new and exclusive, even where seemingly all the way passed.

    5 G1 .Sniper literally full of innovation. The developers have kept promising networking platform based on the Bigfoot Killer and audio path that is based on using one of the best chips Creative. The real breakthrough seems to use the built-Hi-Fi-audio amplifier for headphones, and the possibility of trouble-free replacement of the OS at all unique.

    The board has retained an aggressive coloring, with acquired additional illumination. Combined cooling system CPU VRM will fit harmoniously into the contour G1 .Sniper 5 LSS without buying doroguschie water blocks on third-party manufacturers. If you settle for an air-cooled - regular radiators with a small fan will still cope with


    5 G1 .Sniper extremely correct and responsive to the acceleration. Fans of open testbeds like the presence of controls, empty seats in the DAM. And without that exclusive functionality is the ideal wireless module. Against this background, the remaining functional features characteristic of the high-end product, not so impressive, and get lost in the image of the motherboard, and it is a sure sign of a quality product.


    + Design with elements of light

    + Rich delivery

    + High-quality audio is

    + Integrated replaceable headphone amplifier

    + Buttons on the PCB

    + Wireless Module WiFi / Bluetooth;

    + Features and overclocking results

    Do not like it

    - Price

    A device for testing courtesy of MTI, www. distri. mti. com

    The testbed


    Intel Core i7-4770K (3,5 GHz)


    Scythe MUGEN 3

    Random access memory

    4 x 4 Kingston HyperX KHX2133C9AD3X2K2 (DDR3-2133), 2x2 GB


    Kingston SSDNow! V + 64 GB

    Power supply unit

    Seasonic Platinum SS-1000XP (1000 W)


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