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Review LG 27EA83


    Overview Monitor LG 27EA83

    Review LG 27EA83

    For a long time monitors with wide gamut could not go to the LED-backlight, but this year the situation has finally changed for the better - with the advent of the new GB-LED lights began to come on the market model with support for Adobe RGB. One of them is the LG 27EA83 - 27-inch monitor with a 99% coverage of Adobe RGB.


    The monitor is a professional model, and it clearly highlights the design - looks like LG 27EA83 strictly and classically, no "frills" and attempts to attract the attention of an ordinary home user, offering him a flashy designs like black gloss or shiny metal surfaces, in this case we do not observe. Despite appeared in recent months, the fashion forframeless design with LG 27EA83 is the most that neither is a classic frame, framing the screen - it is made of matte black plastic with a textured surface that mimics brushed metal. As for the monitor with LED-backlit shell thickness in this model is not the smallest - in part to cover it failed by going over the face of a light gray polished strips 1 cm wide "under the metal." Behind we see some familiar from previous models LG (eg, IPS234T) surface of opaque plastic with a fine pattern of textured triangles.

    Review LG 27EA83

    Menu control buttons at the LG 27EA83 sensor, located on the bottom and are generally similar to what we saw in the LG 29EA93 . Symbols marked with gray paint and fairly well read in normal room lighting of medium intensity.

    Review LG 27EA83

    The display is attached to the base of a massive metal legs, which allows you to adjust the height, change the angle of the screen and translate into portrait mode (turns on its axis at it, unfortunately, is not). Adjusting the height of some users may seem low - in the lowest position the distance from the level of the table to the bottom of the screen is almost 8 cm under the foot on the monitor cabinet hides VESA-mount, but the connectors are traditionally Monitor LG, arranged in such a way that connected to the their wires to mount on the wall will create certain problems. Of the video inputs are available at the LG 27EA83 HDMI, Dual-Link DVI and DisplayPort. In addition, there are also located USB 3.0 hub with three USB ports and an audio output for headphones.

    Review LG 27EA83

    This model uses an external power supply, for which the special fastening system at the back of the monitor.

    Review LG 27EA83

    Relatively broad base of the stand, it uses a metal frame (top covered with plastic, similar to that used in the frame of the screen), standing on the rubberized feet. The monitor does not slide on the table, but the rigidity of the attachment to the leg of the display is fairly average - shake it, albeit with a small amplitude, it is simple, easy to wiggle the screen is observed even when pressing the display keys. _

    Review LG 27EA83


    In LG 27EA83 uses the same kind of menu that and we tested 29EA93 - a stylish semi-transparent tape from the large easy to read icons located along the bottom edge of the screen. The first to go the main points - Adjust brightness, contrast, volume, built-in speakers, video input selection, and image scaling (broad, original frame to full screen, 1:1). Next comes the point where you can activate the eco mode and the actual selection modes. In addition to the user, then you can turn on emulation sRGB and Adobe RGB, as well as engage the Calibration (available using proprietary software to calibrate True Color Pro). As you can see, there are no "home" video modes like "The Game", "Cinema", "Photo", etc. not here.

    Under PIP can turn on the Picture-in-Picture, right there are all the necessary adjustments (choice involved in this mode inputs, the location of these images on the screen, etc.). Unfortunately, as is the case with 29EA93, the user is not available any combination of inputs - for example, select HDMI + DVI he fails. Menu "Picture" allows you to adjust image sharpness, black level (available when connected via HDMI) and the response time.

    In the "Color" extended focus image adjustment - adjustment range (choice of three preset modes) Color Temperature - Warm / Medium / Cool / User (when the latter becomes available adjustment of each of the three primary colors separately), and change the hue and Saturation for six colors. And

    In the last section of the menu and select "Settings", focused settings such as language selection menu, the sound source, disable sounds when navigating through the menus and the flashing activity monitor, enabling the use of standard DDC / CI and the lock menu.


    That is the GB-LED backlight, and why it can help to get an advanced color gamut, in good time we have already briefly described in the review of the monitor ASUS PA249Q , so we will not repeat here.

    This model uses the AH-IPS panel LM270WQ3-SLA1 production LG Display with pseudo 10-bit color depth (8 bits + FRC). Its diagonal of 27 ", 16:9 aspect ratio, resolution - 2560x1440 pixels (the size of the points on it - 0.233 mm).

    As in several other models of the past months, LG 27EA83 uses a "semi-matte" coating - a right angle, it looks a little less dull than usual, but with an increase in the angle of view, it gradually becomes more and more glossy. The advantage of this type of coating is substantially complete absence of crystalline effect (in this case to consider it with a strong desire still possible, but it is so insignificant that during normal operation it is, in fact, no), a disadvantage - that under certain conditions a dark image can still be seen standing behind the vague silhouettes of objects. To adjust the brightness in the LG 27EA83 applied PWM flickering light stops determined about 75% of the value of brightness. The maximum brightness of the monitor was 308 cd / m 2 (average value from 35 measurements), uniformity of illumination is quite average, for a screen this size - the difference between the most and the least bright areas was 76 cd / m 2. The most high brightness observed in the center of the screen, the least bright as were the right and left edges. The value of the minimum brightness is quite high - 75 cd / m 2, it leaves little "room for maneuver" for users who prefer to work in the dark or in low ambient light.

    If you change the viewing angle in the vertical brightness decreases significantly at first, after going through ~ 45 degrees starts to increase again (at maximum deviation - almost to the initial level). In the event of horizontal brightness decreases evenly and fairly mild. Noticeable color distortion is observed, rejecting the horizontal picture somewhat warmer, but only slightly.

    Review LG 27EA83

    Glow-effect in this model is relatively weak, especially in comparison with the other models we've seen with GB-LED backlight - on this indicator LG 27EA83 is comparable with conventional displays On the standard W-LED backlighting._

    Review LG 27EA83

    Leakage is also a small light, it can be seen only in a dark room, display a black background and raising the brightness above 50%.

    The monitor is factory calibrated mode Adobe RGB (not sRGB), as evidenced by the attached to each copy of the paper report. The measurement results show that the color temperature in both modes is almost linear and almost the standard value 6500K, but the gamma slightly underestimated and is slightly more than 2.1. The color gamut in both modes also accurately simulates the appropriate color space (with minimal downside in the blue-red region). We note that in the mode of sRGB, Adobe RGB and are locked all the image adjustment, Brightness and Contrast - the only mode in which you can adjust the picture is a "user". It gamut of the monitor is a maximum, without any restrictions, without additional settings at factory setting, resulting in saturated color, especially in the red - so switch to this mode is only if you want to manually calibrate the monitor in Otherwise it is better to stay at one of the two other modes.

    Color gamut, color temperature graph and gamma curve on a scale of brightness mode sRGB:

    Review LG 27EA83Review LG 27EA83

    Color gamut, color temperature graph and gamma curve on a scale of brightness mode Adobe RGB:

    Review LG 27EA83

    Color gamut, color temperature graph and gamma curve on a scale of brightness mode "Custom":

    Review LG 27EA83

    In the test for color accuracy and sRGB, Adobe RGB and showed very good results, but the latter was still better, which is not surprising, recalling the factory calibration of the regime. Note that in the sRGB observed significant deviation in the regions close to the black that is not critical. Color accuracy modes sRGB, Adobe RGB and after calibration mode ("User"):

    Review LG 27EA83

    The results

    LG 27EA83 competes with a very similar model, Dell U2713H, which uses a similar matrix with GB-LED backlight. For the price of comparable models, the monitor from Dell factory calibration are two modes - and Adobe RGB, and sRGB, from LG - only Adobe RGB. In LG 27EA83 use brightness control using PWM with Dell U2713H - no. On the other hand, the monitor from LG glow-effect is considerably less, and normally there is very little use. It can be assumed that a certain reduction of the price of LG 27EA83 (now, according to Hotline, it costs an average of 200 UAH. Expensive solutions from Dell) would go this monitor only benefit. Liked

    + Nice clean design

    + High quality images and factory calibration mode Adobe RGB + Possibility for hardware calibration with proprietary software + Relatively weak glow-effect Do not like it

    - Lack of factory calibration mode sRGB

    - Twinkling lights

    - Inability to screen rotation around the vertical axis The product is provided by LG.

    LG 27EA83


    Desktop LCD monitor

    Screensize, inches


    LCD Type






    DotPitch, mm


    The reaction (G-to-G), ms

    (5 ms)

    ViewingAngle, Horizontal / Vertical




    The maximum brightness, cd / m2


    Contrast ratio (dynamic contrast ratio)




    Verticalfrequencyrange, Hz


    VGA (D-sub)








    Function MHL






    USB Hub




    Support height adjustment (adjustment


    Range, mm)

    SwivelScreen (pivot)


    Powerconsumption, W

    70/1, 2



    Mass, kg



    The color scheme, the coverage of Adobe RGB 99%, features True Color Finder (S / W), PIP and PBP (at the same time allows you to show up to 4 windows with 8 different aspect ratios) Wall Mount VESA 100


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