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Review Dell S2740L


    Monitor Overview Dell S2740L

    Review Dell S2740L

    The classic design of monitors Dell, which are all used to - it's a simple black plastic, clean lines and no gloss - and the body, and the matte screen. This holds in particular for the series UltraSharp, however Dell has another design - for example, a stylish equipment line S Series (S here represents Studio). With 27-inch model S2740L us today and get acquainted.


    As mentioned above, the appearance S2740L is very different from the traditional design of Dell. Fashionable "frameless" design, glossy surface of the screen, a slim body with a smooth thickening of the back - this monitor is far removed from the stressed utilitarian appearance line UltraSharp, but it has kept some of the "related" features like silver legs and body of straight lines, so that membership to the family of Dell monitors yet guessed easily.

    Review Dell S2740L

    As with other models with a similar screen design, "frameless" here is conventional - it just means that the frame and the surface of the screen is a single unit, rather than an actual lack of space around the image. It is here, of course, is, and rather broad (~ 2.3 cm) and, unlike other monitors, is well distinguishable off. When viewed at an angle shows that the screen is actually a little deeper - it is difficult to tell without disassembling the device, but on the eye layer of air between the glass cover and the real thing is about 3 mm.

    Review Dell S2740L

    Despite the rather "shaped" surface of the rear of the monitor, it can be mounted on a wall - VESA-compatible mounting plate under, which is attached to the display stand. Monitor, by the way, comes in "exploded" form, and the user needs to attach the stand to the first leg, and then the resulting structure - to the display. However, this procedure is performed elementary and literally one minute.

    Review Dell S2740L

    All the connectors facing down and positioned so as not to interfere with the attachment of the display to the wall, but as a result of access to them is very difficult - connectors themselves are hidden behind a plastic case, and deposited them in front of the legend is so inconspicuous that they can make out only in very bright lighting. So, here are video inputs DVI-D, HDMI, VGA, two USB ports and audio output.

    Review Dell S2740L

    Stand square is relatively small (~ 21.5h21.5 cm), also made of black glossy plastic, metal base. Leg - in silver matt (inside and metal), fixed moderately stiff, so the screen can shake on it, but not too much. Unfortunately, in this case, Dell changed its traditions - opportunities to change the position of the screen here at least, is only allowed to adjust the angle of the display, or turn on its axis, no height adjustment, no translation in portrait mode is not here. But in the leg has a special slot for cable, so that they are not reflected in the glossy stand and not "spoil" the look.


    Menu control buttons (as well as the power button) sensor, located on the vertical part of the frame in the lower right corner and not signed - their location is indicated by a subtle gray dots (which, unlike the older models of Dell, does not light up when they are used ). Clicking on any of the points is a "quick" menu to switch graphics modes, adjusting brightness / contrast, and open the main menu.

    Review Dell S2740L

    The structure and appearance of the menu is familiar to users of monitors Dell, however, in the case of the S2740L we see quite a simplified version of it. Item Brightness / Contrast expected contains adjust the brightness and contrast in Auto Adjust image settings made with analog connection, in the Input Source can explicitly specify the video source or turn on auto-sensing, in paragraph Color Settings you can set the video output format (RGB or YPbPr), here is the selection of picture modes and reset colors. In the Display Settings you can set the aspect ratio, adjust the focus, and set a number of parameters of the analog connection. In the Other Settings menu adjustable monitor - Language (traditionally for Dell no Ukrainian or Russian), transparency and time off, and a number of other parameters. Under Personalize can change the contents of the "Quick Menu" to reassign the top two points (the default is, as mentioned above, switching graphics modes and menu access control brightness / contrast).

    Review Dell S2740L


    In Dell S2740L use a 27-inch AH-IPS matrix production LG (LM270WF5-SLB1). Aspect ratio 16:9 it, "native" resolution - 1920x1080 pixels, pixel size of 0.311 mm and a claimed response time - 7 ms


    As mentioned in the introduction, this model uses a glossy screen coating. This solution has both strengths and weaknesses - the picture is not entirely so-called "crystal effect" and the black color - a really deep black... when it does not reflect you. As a result, the user instead of the crystal mirror effect is that under certain conditions (bright ambient lighting, uneven background behind the workplace, light sources behind the back, etc.) is very well defined. The second caveat of this coating is much less noticeable, and only when you look at a large angle, so pay attention to it is not necessary, it is rather a curious fact: the severe deviation in the direction of the image begins to "see double", reflected in the protective glass. Of course, in normal operation, when the user is sitting right in front of the monitor, it's completely unnoticed.

    Review Dell S2740L

    But that can be written in unambiguous advantages of this model is the lack of flickering lights - a Dell S2740L to adjust the brightness of the PWM is not used, and the entire range down to zero. This fact makes this monitor is an interesting option for people with sensitive vision who experience discomfort after prolonged use the monitors with PWM. In Dell S2740L you can use one of the following preset modes picture settings: Standard, Multimedia, Movie, Game, Text, Warm, Cool, or manually adjust the primary colors with the item Custom Color.

    In Standard mode, the image is barely noticeable lukewarm shade, the picture looks a little more intense than it should have, but not critical. The color gamut is almost entirely corresponds to sRGB, with minimal downside in the red region of the visible and overlapping - in green. In the Multimedia shows more detail in the shadows by reducing the gamma curve on this plot to the standard 2.2, and overall contrast is somewhat reduced, but otherwise it is almost identical to mode Standard. Color gamut, color temperature graph and gamma curve on a scale of brightness, preset Standard:

    Review Dell S2740L

    In Movie mode, the color temperature is significantly increased because of what the image appears

    Sharp cold shade, noticeably enhanced sharpness (and simultaneously blocked adjust this setting in

    The menu), and in the Color Settings are available to adjust the Hue and Saturation.

    In Game mode, the settings are generally similar to the Movie (inflated sharpness, Hue and

    Saturation settings, etc.), but the temperature is lowered to 6300K, which gives the picture a warmer


    In Text mode, the brightness decreases slightly, and the sharpness of the "return to normal" in the Warm preset temperature expectedly greatly reduced, up to ~ 5800K, which gives the image was a warm shade, plus a little unexpected decreases the gamma value - up to 2.3 (in all other gamma presets yet more exaggerated - the average to 2.4 vs. 2.2 standard). And in the latter mode, Cool, ride up to the temperature of 10000K, the resulting image is frankly "blue."

    In the end, the results of the measurements we would recommend to use either mode Standard, or, if in this case the image will seem overly saturated up to the loss of shadow detail, the mode Warm or Multimedia.

    The maximum brightness of the monitor was 240 cd / m 2, with the uniformity of illumination was at a level slightly above average - the difference between the most and the least bright areas was 30 cd / m 2, which is not bad for the LED-backlighting. The highest brightness was at the center of the screen, the lowest - in the right corner, upper and lower. The minimum brightness (if this is set to 0, contrast - to the standard 75%) was 32 cd / m 2, which is also very good, especially considering that for adjusting the brightness of the PWM is not used.

    The test for color accuracy showed average results - deltaE value exceeds half the norm, but not so much that it was visible to the naked eye in the usual "home" mode using the monitor. After calibration, we get the traditionally good results, where all the colors of the value of the deviation is much less than the recommended.

    Review Dell S2740L

    Color gamut, color temperature graph and gamma curve on a scale of brightness, preset Custom Color (after calibration)

    I dolor Meoiorcil

    Review Dell S2740L

    Viewing angles on this model - traditionally for IPS-matrix is very high. With an increase in deviation from the right angle brightness gradually decreases, changes in color rendering virtually none. Curiously, in contrast to the monitor with a matte finish at Dell S2740L at maximum contrast

    And viewing angles are much less reduced, and the image appears, though not so bright, but still quite intense.

    The results

    Dell S2740L - quite a mixed model, primarily due to the glossy screen coating. He has a noticeable advantages and disadvantages of very tangible, so before purchasing this fact should be taken into consideration and it is highly desirable to look at the monitor "live". Otherwise, this model looks very attractive - a large diagonal, reasonable price, nice design, plus an important advantage as a flicker-free illumination. Liked

    + Good image quality

    + Nice design

    + No flickering lights

    + Moderate, for a diagonal, price

    Do not like it

    - The glossy screen coating

    The product is provided by Dell representative in Ukraine .

    Dell S2740L



    Screensize, inches


    LCD Type






    DotPitch, mm


    The reaction (G-to-G), ms

    (7 ms)

    ViewingAngle, Horizontal / Vertical




    The maximum brightness, cd / m2


    Contrast ratio (dynamic contrast ratio)

    1000:1 (8000000:1)



    Verticalfrequencyrange, Hz


    VGA (D-sub)








    Function MHL






    USB Hub

    + 2-Port



    Support height adjustment (adjustment range, mm)


    SwivelScreen (pivot)


    Powerconsumption, W




    Mass, kg



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