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LED LCD TV Review Sony HX929/HX920
: 2 LCD TVs Sony HX929 HX920, HX923 and HX925 are made using the most advanced technology and is the flagship company in the lineup HDTV Sony TV in 2011.

LG is another application on TVs LG Cinema 3D Smart TV: MAF - Playbill holding "Music lover»
Company LG Electronics LG is another application on TVs LG Cinema 3D Smart TV: MAF -Playbill holding "I listen to anything." This is the fourth local application for LG TVs, along with the previously launched applications CPC, KIWI.

LED TV Samsung UE40D5520 Smart Hub
The TV Samsung UE40D5520 is used revolutionary technology dubbed LED, based on the use of LEDs for backlighting. The proposed technical solutions have allowed to create a TV with a record thickness of 2.99 cm only! Function Wide Color Enhancer Plus allows you to expand the palette of color reproduction, thereby transferred most subtle shades of color and the image appears more vibrant and natural.

Overview Plasma TVs Samsung D6900 PS-51D6900
: 3 Traditionally Samsung TVs of the 6-series model are in the company hierarchy between the flagship product of the middle class and a TV, while having a more competitive prices of the functionality of a top-level models.

Samsung introduced a webcam for Smart TV
Company Samsung Electronics presented on the Russian market webcam CY-STC1100 for TV Samsung Smart TV . It is compatible with LED-TV series D6500, D7000 and D8000, as well as plasma TVs series D8000.

Technology Review Panasonic Viera Connect
Special Correspondent November 1, 2011 News One comment We have not the first time talking about technology Panasonic Viera Connect formerly called Viera Cast. This technology is one embodiment of the concept of Smart TV, which "has adopted" not only the company Panasonic, but also a number of other manufacturers.

Best Samsung TVs in 2013
In recent years, television has ceased to be just a box, broadcasting news, movies, transmission. Now they began to resemble computers, and the pictures coming to life and step over the screen in the room.

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