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Working with the Taskbar WINDOWS 8



The desktop taskbar is an area at thebottom of the screen that contains buttonsyou can click to quickly start frequentlyused apps as well as buttons for actionsyou take often, such as displaying theonscreen keyboard, connecting to a network,or adjusting the system volume. Ifyou’re familiar with earlier versions of Windows,you will recognize most of the functionsof the taskbar.Find Out What You Can Do withthe Taskbar



1 Click File Explorer on the QuickLaunch portion of the taskbar.2 On the right side of the taskbar, clickthe Volume setting.3 Right-click the taskbar.4 Click Properties.

Working with the Taskbar WINDOWS 8


5 Click Lock The Taskbar to always keepthe taskbar on your screen.6 Click Taskbar Location On Screen.7 Choose a different location.8 Click Apply.9 Click Taskbar Location On Screen.10 Choose Bottom.11 Click OK.1


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